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Owner's Project Support

Becht Engineering provides services in the area of capital projects from front-end engineering through startup and have many staff, field, and management resources to help ensure a successful project in terms of safety, budget, schedule, and quality. We have staffed project team positions within an owner’s organization by filling positions such as project and construction managers, construction safety, project engineers and process operators. Most staff have retired after long careers with industry majors and are available to participate in constructability reviews and progress assessments, fill short term gaps, or staff longer-term roles. Given the depth and breadth of our large resource pool, we generally can fill positions with Advisors who have specific experience in the unit(s) under maintenance or construction.


Owner's Project Support


Our resources typically have over 20 years unit-specific experience, and have successfully managed projects around the globe. From front-end engineering through construction completion, commissioning, and startup, our Project Managers, Estimators, Planners, Project Controls Specialists, and Engineers demonstrate a keen understanding of the business coupled with a history of continuous, high value contributions.

Front End Engineering Design Support

One of our key project related activities is the review of contractor engineering quality during the front-end engineering design (FEED) phase of a project. These reviews are conducted by process and equipment specialists including process safety. Our specialists have many years of experience in conducting these types of reviews during their many years long careers with the central engineering organizations of major refining and petrochemical companies.

During FEED, we have reviewed contractor and licensor prepared FEED packages, RFQ's, materials and equipment selection and specifications. The purpose of the reviews is the early identification and resolution of process and equipment issues that would impact the cost, schedule, reliability and operability of the various processes and equipment.

QA/QC of Detailed Engineering

As FEED transitions into detailed engineering, the review process focuses on:

  • Assessing the contractor/vendor technical capabilities, vendor design and tools
  • Resolution of technical problems
  • Ensuring adherence to the project specifications
  • Interpreting job specifications, owner and industry codes/standards

The reviews are a part-time activity of sampling the contractor’s detailed engineering activities and are facilitated by checklists developed by the specialists who identify those items (drawings, calcs, etc.) to be reviewed as they become available. The reviews may include participation in factory acceptance/performance tests such as for large machinery, emergency shutdown systems and fired heater burner management systems. Findings/recommendations are reported to the owner’s project team for follow-up with the engineering contractor/vendor. The specialists are available to support the Project Team in problem resolution.

Construction Oversight

The unrivaled Becht Engineering roster includes seasoned Construction Managers, Quality Assurance Coordinators, and Field Coordinators who supplement the Owner's Team for all phases of a project from fabrication shop oversight and transportation to field construction. Serving as liaisons between the Client and contractors, Becht Engineering resources monitor and report progress while ensuring adherence to the Client's schedule, protocols, and procedures.

Construction Oversight

Independent Project Review

This activity is a one-time activity that can occur anytime during FEED design or detailed engineering. This is typically an audit to assess whether the project is progressing as planned in terms of cost, schedule and procurement.

Witnessing Factory Acceptance Tests

The criticality of certain types of project equipment such as sophisticated digital controls, control management system (CMS) or high-performance turbo machinery dictate an owner's direct involvement in the assurance and certification of this equipment's performance.  It is widely acknowledged that suppliers are more attentive to customers who participate directly in the performance and acceptance testing of such equipment.  However, doing so often stretches an owner's organization to an unacceptable degree.   Becht Engineering has the staff with the experience and technical depth to fill this critical role on behalf of an owner's project team.  Becht's team is also experienced in representing owner's interest in schedule and cost, as well as performance.