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Project and Turnaround Services

Becht Turnaround TeamBecht Engineering can provide resources with an owner's perspective to help ensure your projects and turnarounds are successful in terms of safety, quality, cost and schedule.  We have seasoned professionals to successfully manage, plan, review and supervise plant projects and turnarounds. 

Specific areas of expertise include:

We are able to provide turnaround specialists for training and team building.  Capture efficiencies during every phase of a project or turnaround while enhancing the future performance of your staff. Our turnaround consulting engineering staff has expertise in the following areas: 

  • Seasoned Discipline Engineers for Design oversight, Execution and Discovery
  • Project and Turnaround Managers and Engineers
  • Project and Turnaround Review Specialists
  • Construction Managers
  • Contracts and Procurement Specialists
  • Safety Managers and Supervision
  • Inspection and Quality Assurance Supervisors
  • Field Execution Supervisors/Coordinators
  • Project Control Specialists


  • Cost Analysts
  • Heavy Lift Specialists
  • Operating Supervisors and Mentors
  • Training Developers and Instructors
  • Logistics Specialists

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Turnaround Leadership

Becht Turnaround LeadershipThe Becht staff has a wealth of experience that can provide the leadership qualities needed to run turnarounds.  We can cover all levels of a turnaround team with personnel that have extensive experience in leading owner's organizations

Planning and Scope Development

Becht Engineering has a sophisticated Risk Based Work Selection Process and associated software tool, STRAITS, to help the client determine an optimized get the right turnaround scope.  We are able to supplement the Owner's team with highly experienced Turnaround Managers, Engineers, Coordinators, Safety Professionals, Planners, Schedulers and Inspection Supervisors.  These professionals have the capabilities to add Value Engineering to projects, integrate capital project and turnaround work, bring expertise on heavy lift plans and laser scanning, if and when needed, as they work with the Owner's staff developing the detailed work scope necessary prior to detailed planning of the turnaround.

Turnaround Readiness Reviews

Becht offers independent "Cold Eye" reviews of turnaround goals, scope, work schedules and cost at critical times relative to the turnaround's success. Becht has resources with both project and turnaround experience that have lead these reviews for a broad range of clients in industry.  Becht's process for Turnaround Readiness Reviews (TAR's) recommends four reviews throughout the turnaround cycle. 

TR-1 – recommend these be held 11-21 months prior to shutdown to align turnaround objectives and goals.

TR-2 – recommend these be held 6-16 months prior to shutdown to conduct an assessment for the turnaround planning and engineering phases.

TR-3 –recommend these be held 2-6 months prior to shutdown to optimize the critical path schedule and conduct an overall review of execution preparedness.

Tr-4 –recommend these be held 1-2 months after start-up to assess actual performance against the turnaround goals established at TR-1

Engineering for Discovery

engdiscoveryDiscovery Work is one of the biggest challenges of a Turnaround Event.  When unplanned technical problems are “Discovered” they require focus and skill in order for them to be solved.  The solution must happen quickly to avoid extending the duration of the downtime while providing long term reliability.  Becht Engineers can work the issues independently and present solutions to the Turnaround Team without slowing them down.  Becht Engineers from all disciplines can join a turnaround and “hit the ground running”.  When Becht Engineers are at a site they are not alone, they have the expertise of the entire Becht Engineering organization behind them, giving them the ability to handle even the most challenging Discovery Items.


Safety Leadership

Becht Safety LeadershipAs former members of owner organizations, Becht resources fully appreciate the balance of safety and urgency during intense schedule driven events.  Our involvement at two sites on the safety front where Becht was included from strategic development through execution resulted in injury free turnarounds.

Gap Closure

Gap Closure Check - TurnaroundThis is an area that Becht Engineering can help owners further understand about where their facility currently stands in reference to their peers and/ or their own goals for the facility.  We can provide resources that will gain alignment on the objective, define the scope of the assessment, evaluate existing systems relative to industry standards, prepare recommendations and identify methods for implementing solutions that have been proven to work to close the gaps found.  We can then support the efforts to close the gap if requested.

Field Execution and Construction Oversight

We have staff with decades of unit specific experience that can be called upon for projects and turnarounds. We can supplement the Owner's team as requested with expertise in construction management, crane erection and heavy lift supervision, safety supervision, field supervision, discovery work engineering, shop surveillance of new or repair work and start-up support.  Many of our piping and welding field supervisors have API and AWS inspection certification which will provide greater flexibility in terms of field supervision and quality assurance assignments. The Becht staff has gained unparalleled experience in executing capital projects tied to turnaround events for a variety of process units at multiple plant sites.

Heavy Lift Services

Becht Heavy Lift professionals include Professional Engineers with lifetime crane experience along with Lift Advisor Specialists who have been responsible for refinery wide crane lift activities and maintenance programs. They tailor their oversight to the customer's site specific safe lift practices program and suggest program improvements where applicable.  Specific capabilities include Cat Reactor and Regenerator head replacements, Coke Drum and Cutting Deck removals and replacements, Fractionators, Hydrotreater Reactors, Platforming Reactors, Low Sulfur Reactors and Vacuum Tower lifts.

We have worked with all major heavy lift contractors, mechanical contractors, major engineering companies and refinery owners all over the world.  Currently, Becht staffs many refineries on long-term consulting assignments along with ongoing reviews and oversight of single lift opportunities.  Becht Heavy Lift Crane Specialists are dedicated to the Becht principle that "We Solve Problems" and take that to the next level by using their many years of accumulated Heavy Lift experience to achieve the result that "We Prevent Problems".

For details and additional information regarding Becht's Heavy Lift capabilities, click here.

Risk Based Work Selection (RBWS)

Becht Engineering has a team of Reliability Specialists who provide assistance in reviewing Turnaround Work Scopes and Routine Maintenance Plans.

Becht’s methodology utilizes Risk Based Work Selection (RBWS), which is an industry Best Practice.

The RBWS methodology utilizes Becht’s proprietary STRAITS© tool to enable risk-based decision making in equipment operations, inspection and maintenance.

 Turnaround Work Scope Optimization

Expert Facilitators work with Refinery Operations/Maintenance/Technical Supervisors engaged in TA Work Scope development. A comprehensive assessment of the Work List is done to assess the drivers (Process or Equipment Integrity) for TA work. A structured risk-based selection  process, utilizes Becht’s software to challenge the work list items and determine whether the TA work is justifiable, or whether deferments are permissible. For TAs which require 200,000 to 1,000,000 person-hrs, the Becht process has identified potential savings of 15-30% on estimated Direct Costs for the planned work scope.


Routine Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

In addition to TA Work Scope development, the Becht RBWS Process can also be used to plan, schedule, and prioritize inspection and maintenance work requests from Operations and Technical Departments at refineries. These activities, which provide the basis for bi-weekly forecasts for maintenance planning, are inevitably dependent upon limited contractor resources which require optimization. The Becht STRAITs tool, which uses a risk-based methodology, provides a structured and well documented tool to establish work planning and scheduling priorities and forecasts.

The cross-functional team uses the software’s risk calculator along with other considerations (unmitigated S/H/E risk, cost of action item, bad actor resolution, etc.) to make the determination whether the task is in-scope based on previously determined task acceptance criteria. The group is required to determine a justification for the decision. The STRAITS reports, designed in consultation with the client’s corporate management, highlight the justification, risk reduction achieved and economic benefits of the worklist items.

Application of the RBWS process, incorporated in the STRAITS tool, will ensure uniform and rigorous methodology and allow managers to easily review the justifications for TA work scope decisions at refineries and chemical plants.