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Becht Heavy Lift professionals include Professional Engineers with lifetime crane experience along with Lift Advisor Specialists who have been responsible for refinery wide crane lift activities and maintenance programs. They tailor their oversight to the customer's site specific safe lift practices program and suggest program improvements where applicable.  Specific capabilities include Cat Reactor and Regenerator head replacements, Coke Drum and Cutting Deck removals and replacements, Fractionators, Hydrotreater Reactors, Platforming Reactors, Low Sulfur Reactors and Vacuum Tower lifts.

We have worked with all major heavy lift contractors, mechanical contractors, major engineering companies and refinery owners all over the world.  Currently, Becht staffs many refineries on long-term consulting assignments along with ongoing reviews and oversight of single lift opportunities.  Becht Heavy Lift Crane Specialists are dedicated to the Becht principle that "We Solve Problems" and take that to the next level by using their many years of accumulated Heavy Lift experience to achieve the result that "We Prevent Problems".

For details and additional information regarding Becht's Heavy Lift capabilities, click here.