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The Becht Team

Senior Engineering Advisor

cole2012Mr. Cole has 37 years of experience in design, analysis, construction and testing of nuclear power plant equipment, piping, vessels, and structures. Mr. Cole’s experience includes twenty seven years of operating nuclear power plant experience and twenty seven years as an ASME Codes and Standards committee volunteer. Prior to retiring from Energy Northwest, Mr. Cole served as the Design Authority for Columbia Generating Station Civil/Structural discipline. He was responsible for approval of plant design changes, assuring

plant design basis compliance, fitness for service assessments, safety evaluations, repair/replacement recommendations and operability determinations. He also provided damage mechanism assessments for piping systems in support of risk informed ISI for a variety of US and international plants.


Mr. Cole was the responsible utility ASME Specialized Engineer providing certification activities for ASME replacement components. Mr. Cole has participated in IAEA missions to review foreign nuclear plants for license renewal applications. His focus has been aging management programs and time limited aging analyses. Jack has several publications in his specialty area of piping design and has recently completed an update of the piping commentary in the upcoming fourth edition of the ASME Code Companion Guide.

Mr. Cole serves or has served on the following ASME Codes and Standards committees: 

  • Committee on Construction of Nuclear Facility Components (BPV III), Vice Chair
  • BPV III Executive Committee on Strategy and Project Management, Chair
  • Special Committee on Interpretations (BPV III), Chair
  • Subgroup on Nuclear Component Design (BPV III), Member
  • Working Group on Piping (BPV III), Member and past Chair
  • Working Group on Supports (BPV III), past member