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The Becht Team

Senior Engineering Advisor

Ralph Wolfe

Ralph G. Wolfe has over 40 years of experience in fractionation, distillation, and other separation processes used in the petroleum and chemical industries.  His areas of expertise include separation sequence development, FCC flue gas scrubbing, modeling and simulation using commercial (PRO/II) and other proprietary simulators, troubleshooting, debottlenecking, operations support, and waste water stream treatment.


Selected accomplishments:

    • Provide consultation on separations calculations for crude distillation, light ends, catalytic cracker and coker fractionators, chemicals systems, and sour water systems.
    • Troubleshoot crude distillation towers. Identified deficiencies such as vacuum system inadequacies, internals damage or salt blockage, operating parameter deficiencies, problematic recycle streams from other units, improper use of injections, etc.  Developed corrective actions to restore operations.
    • Conduct expansion and debottlenecking studies for crude distillation and light ends units.  Evaluate impact of new crude slates.
    • Worked closely with refineries and chemical plants to write/update/edit distillation unit manuals.
    • Subject matter expert (SME) engaged by clients to conduct fractionation training programs.
    • Conduct energy audit of crude tower operations. At one site identified approximately $750k/yr in potential savings.
    • Provided troubleshooting for light ends towers in major refineries.
    • Serve as primary consultant for ionic systems including sour water strippers and NESHAP (National Environmental Standards Hazardous Air Pollutant) strippers.
    • Treatment of waste water for Syncrude expansion project.
    • Develop computer models for simulating separation process including membrane permeation and moving bed adsorption.