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Mr. Bober is an Advisor in the Becht Performance Group, focused on recommending effective technical and operational training to clients worldwide.

Mr. Bober holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Newark College of Engineering (now the New Jersey Institute of Technology). He served as a Process Engineer, Project Developer, Economist, and Manager at Exxon’s Bayway Refinery for twelve years. He then joined Mobil Research and Development as an FCC Specialist. He managed technical training for Mobil Engineering, worldwide, until Exxon and Mobil merged in 2000. From this point, he managed worldwide technical training for ExxonMobil Research and Engineering and then retired from managing the Technical Portfolio for ExxonMobil’s Global Manufacturing Training initiative – with a combined service of 37 years to the two companies.

Five Reasons Why Your Training Program Will Fail

5-reason_20190730-190007_1 Why Your Training Program Will Fail
Good training is something that we know is necessary. In light of Industry’s aging demographics and retiring experience, we need good training to carry us successfully into the future. As technology evolves more quickly and changes almost daily, we need good training to help us to wring the last dollar out of our constant upgrades and investments. And as reliability improves and minimizes our employees’ opportunities to observe “a blip”, we need good training to substitute for on-the-job learning. But the best-designed training program in the world will fail miserably in its delivery if conditions at your site are not supportive of the effort. If a seed is planted, receives no sunshine, no water, and is allowed to be choked off by weeds – do you REALLY think it has a chance to root and bear fruit? You’re right – training isn’t farming – but let’s look at the five things...
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