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Following his graduation with honors from North Carolina State University, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Neely joined Union Carbide where he spent his entire professional career, prior to joining Becht Engineering. Over the next 50 years, Mr. Neely served in a variety of engineering capacities with a focus on pressure vessel engineering for the wide range of process vessel equipment that comprise large chemical plant projects and operations. Mr. Neely was recognized for his skills and promoted to Corporate Engineering Fellow in 1976, and had responsibilities for influencing and providing the design methodologies, standards, and practices that were used Corporate-wide for new construction, repair/alteration, and troubleshooting activities.

New ASME PCC-1 Qualification Procedures for Flange Joint Assemblers

For quite some time now, Section VIII Division 1 of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code has included the following provision in Appendix 2-15: 2-15 QUALIFICATION OF ASSEMBLY PROCEDURES AND ASSEMBLERS. It is recommended that flange joints designed to this Appendix be assembled by qualified procedures and by qualified assemblers. ASME PCC-1 may be used as a guide.The "qualified procedures" reference is to Appendix A of PCC-1-2010 entitled "Notes Regarding Qualifying Flanged Joint Assemblers" and these notes cover slightly less than ½ page, with an Introductory Note stating that a proposed revision to this Appendix was under consideration by the ASME Pressure Technology Post Construction Committee. Well this "consideration" has come to fruition so that the updated Appendix A in the 2013 Edition of PCC-1 will include a replacement 20+ page Appendix A entitled:TRAINING AND QUALIFICATION OF BOLTED JOINT ASSEMBLY PERSONNEL. QUALIFICATION COMPONENTSThere are three components outlined in the new...
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One way to remove variance from the make-up process is by sample testing of fastener extension using production processes, people ... Read More
Friday, 15 January 2016 11:02
Guest — Simon

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Clyde, do you have any thoughts on how the make-up of a flanged joint design could be qualified? Perhaps by a sample make-up of a... Read More
Tuesday, 12 January 2016 11:36
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