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Clayton Smith has over 30 years experience in refinery maintenance, turnarounds, engineering operations and site management; based on his long-term career with Shell/Motiva. His experience includes plant engineering, business development, operations and refinery maintenance/turnaround - both at a site and corporate level. Since joining Becht, Clayton has brought his knowledge of Turnaround and Maintenance, to Becht's Turnaround Services Division,

to better coordinate the diverse services Becht Engineering provides related to turnarounds. He is assisting clients to facilitate turnaround readiness reviews, scope optimizations, peer reviews and critical path reviews.

While Corporate Turnaround Director at Motiva, Clayton was responsible for managing the turnarounds budget of over $200MM annually. As a member of Motiva’s corporate team, he was responsible for setting direction, targets and goals, and improving work processes to improve Motiva refinery turnaround performance in the US.

Clayton also brings a wealth of maintenance knowledge to Becht Engineering, both in process development and execution. As Shell’s Downstream Maintenance Excellence Manager, Clayton implemented many new work processes. In cooperation with site work process leaders, Clayton served as a member of the corporate team responsible for setting direction and priority for implementation of new work processes across global downstream sites. His experience at Shell also includes work as both a Maintenance Manager and Major Projects Manager, with extensive experience in managing routine maintenance and implementing cost controls for both scheduled and turnaround maintenance activities.

Mr. Smith holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering with Honors from Florida State University , Tallahassee, Florida.

Is Your Execution Contractor Ready for the Turnaround?

In our experience as Turnaround Readiness reviewers and participating in lessons learned events, owners who pay close attention to contractor readiness end up with better turnaround performance.  While this seems an obvious observation, the details which emerge from lessons learned from post-turnaround reviews reveal the complexity and criticality of the Owner/Contractor relationship. Preliminary review of basic items such as the Contractor’s understanding of scope, critical path and scheduling are underpinned by a side by side review of specific contractor readiness: Critical path work packages should contain quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) definitions to assure effective work package turnover and the understanding for those owner/ contractor personnel required to sign off on the completed system.   Dimensionally check the spools versus cut points, validate the Bill of Materials versus warehouse package, and talk through the setup, execution and breakdown of the craft at the work point. Field walkout(s) of critical path packages between the...
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