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Maureen Brody has over 10 years of experience in professional and technical writing, technical training program development, and project management. Her extensive research and writing experience spans a variety of fields, including market research, training program development, and the creation of knowledge transfer materials. As a former teacher, she brings superior skills in curriculum development, project management, program development, customer engagement, and communications, and adult learning techniques. Ms. Brody combines creativity and attention to detail to assist in the development of client needs specific training materials, technical documents, and assessments. She has leveraged these skills to provide unique and innovative technical training to clients in the oil & gas industry.

Ms. Brody is currently Production Support Manager for Becht Engineering’s Becht Performance Group. Ms. Brody holds a BA in English from the Pennsylvania State University.

What Is The Difference Between Training And Education?

education_vs_training_cover Training vs Education
Training is a burgeoning field and an important tool for any workforce. This is not only true in the oil and gas industry, but in every industry. Companies want their workforces to be safer, more efficient, and more prepared than ever before, and they realize the need for effective training in order to achieve these goals. Whenever the workforce grows, the company implements a new initiative, or disaster strikes, people point to the need for training. New employees need to be trained. Current employees should be retrained. Former employees leave because of a lack of training. But isn’t training just another word for education? And aren’t employees already educated before they are hired? To answer these questions, we simply need to refer to the definitions of these terms. Education is defined by Merriam-Webster as the process of gaining knowledge, skill, and development from study or training. Training , on the other...
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