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Tom Bradley is an Advisor in the Becht Reliability Group, focused on recommending effective technical and operational solutions to clients worldwide.

Mr. Bradley holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from University of Louisville, JB Speed Scientific School. He has more than 36 years experience in production, reliability management and maintenance, primarily in the Plastics Business. He served as a Production Engineer, Production Manager, Maintenance and Reliability Manager, which included Turnarounds. This role led to Reliability and Maintenance Leadership for Dow Chemical Plastics Business worldwide that  included implementing reliability solutions, upgrades to equipment, startup support for new projects, turnaround management, and reliability training for maintenance and production engineers and technicians.

Tom has a passion to focus on all initiatives to improve reliability in order to make the company money and life better for employees.

A Love Hate Relationship with Turnarounds (FMEA for Critical Path)

I LOVE  Turnarounds!  The excitement - The planning - The organization One major focus with a million minor tasks that consume you for at least 12 hours a day (or night) As in the movie “Apocalypse Now” with Robert Duval as Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore, delivers the classic line “I love the smell of napalm in the morning”, something big is about to happen.  It’s a great learning and repair opportunity, getting into vessels and equipment that you may not see the “guts” of for another 10 years.  You finally get the opportunity to fix things that you have been “living” with for years.  It is a REALLY good opportunity.  The organization is all pulling in the same direction; Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Safety, Contractors all are focused on the Big 3… Safety, Duration, and Cost.  Complete the event on target and everyone feels good.  Plenty of credit to go around and high moral abounds.  The only issue is...
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