Cooling System Health Checks

Just as people schedule an annual wellness visit to the doctor, it makes good sense to do the same for your cooling system and its components.  This is particularly important because of the deleterious effects of Covid on cooling systems.  Over the last year, manufacturing facilities have suffered because of reduced on-site service, inability to […]

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Cooling Water Treatment: Benefits of a Cold Eyes Review

The chemical treatment of a plant cooling water system is typically provided through a vendor who supplies both chemicals and service. The most common type of system in industrial plants is an open evaporative, recirculating  cooling water system (with a cooling tower performing the heat rejection) but closed loop systems and once through systems also […]

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Cooling Towers: Benefits of a Cold Eyes Review

One key decision that often needs to be made is repair vs. replace. When has a cooling tower arrived at the point where a new tower should be considered? Maintenance costs, overall tower condition, environmental constraints, and performance optimization are all factors that need to be evaluated. If a new cooling tower is justified, how […]

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Cooling Water Systems – 4 Good Reasons Why A Cold Eyes Review Could Be Essential

An independent (3rd party) assessment of your Cooling Water System by a Becht SME is highly recommended. There are several key Business Objectives that are addressed by this type of review. 1.  Is There a Plan In Place To Insure Equipment Is Not On The Verge Of Catastrophic Failure?  There are many documented instances of […]

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