Concrete Encased Grounding Electrodes (Ufer)

With contributing author: Al Aliperti  This article is intended to stimulate thought and discussion on concrete encased grounding electrodes (Ufer grounding) and is the result of an outgrowth of a recent assignment the author assisted with. The author recognizes the subject is somewhat controversial among electrical engineers and designers. Photo: Rebar cage with embedded Ufer […]

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How to Resolve an Engineering Manager’s Typical Dilemma – “Where to Start”

The Problem Too often, the inability to get the required work done correctly, and on-time, has been blamed on too few people, not enough of the right people, or situations that were not anticipated.  Dr. Louis T. Rader’s comments, about engineering management, are still applicable to many managers today.  In 1964, he noted that: “The […]

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CFD Analysis with Scale Model Verification – A Proven Cost-Effective Approach

Contributing Authors – Dave Dewees (Becht) and Dr. Keith Kirkpatrick (McHale Performance)  Reducing HRSG & Stack Pressure Drop to Improve Profitability Many operating Simple and Combined Cycle HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) ducts and stack exhaust system designs can be optimized to reduce pressure drop, improve combustion turbine backpressure, improve performance and increase revenue.  CFD analysis […]

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