Mitigate Risk and Maximize Potential

Mitigate Risk and Maximize Potential

WE SOLVE YOUR CHALLENGES, PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT AND HELP DELIVER YOUR PROJECT. Projects are complex. Delays are expensive. Our independent ‘cradle to the grave’ governance program identifies risk, provides solutions, and helps prevent expensive delays. Data collected by the Independent Project Analysis group from thousands of major projects around the world shows:

  • An average $100m capex project can expect a cost overrun between $9.6m and $48m
  • A $500m capex project can expect a cost overrun between $48m and $240m
  • A $1bn capex project can expect a cost overrun between $96m and $480m.


Becht and Nuffield Group (BNG)  provide independent expertise and formal stage-gated assurance processes needed to support customer project teams to deliver on time and within budget.

A TECHNICAL GOVERNANCE PROGRAM THAT PROVIDES EARLY WARNING WHEN A PROJECT IS OFF TRACK. Early identification of potential weaknesses or potential improvements provides project teams time to redesign procedures, models or processes to get a better outcome. This positively impacts the success of the project and the projected revenue stream.

How Becht and BNG can help

We are experts in delivering complex engineering projects. We have the systems and the experience to help investors and operators identify and mitigate risk as well as potential improvements – critically, at the right time – to ensure projects stay on track and within budget.

  • Independent, holistic end-to-end reviews by subject matter experts
  • Project support at every stage gate
  • Technical governance ensuring accountability in decision making
  • Proven processes and procedures to support project teams
  • A history of successful delivery of international capital projects
  • An established coaching and training program for project teams


Becht and BNG are supporting energy transition across the globe. As the global energy mix shifts from fossil-based systems to renewable energy sources, new projects will still face the same project challenges of timely and appropriate decision making.

  • Independent Project Analysis Group data shows most projects run over budget
  • Intervention with a Technical Governance Program at each stage gate reduces project risk
  • It is never too early for independent reviews to avoid expensive fixes in later stages.


Becht and BNG have the expertise and experience to assist with all aspects and phases of projects.  From helping you to decide how to invest through training and start-up of facilities, we are here to help. Click the button below to contact us:

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Mitigate Risk and Maximize Potential

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