Managing The Life Cycle Of Coke Drums

The Becht team of ABBY KING, N CHITHRANJAN and MITCH MOLONEY recently published an article featuring the Life Cycle of a Coke Drum. This article was published in Petroleum Technology Quarterly.  – Below is an excerpt of the article – Coke drums are fatigue machines. Fatigue damage accumulates with every cycle and cannot be reversed. […]

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Determining “Life” of Bulged Coke Drum

My previous blog on Equipment Health Monitoring (EHM) explains why EHM can be used to improve fatigue life of a coke drums. As explained in this blog, one of the critical locations to be monitored are the circumferential weld seams – where high thermal stresses occur during the operation of the drum. These high stresses over […]

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Why Do Coke Drums Tilt Over Time?

Background Refinery coke drums experience fatigue induced issues which can be attributed to the coke drum operating cycle; rapidly heating the drum with hot coking feed, and, following the completion of coking process, rapidly quenching of the drum contents with water prior to cutting.  Rapid temperature changes as the drum transitions between steady state temperatures […]

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