Risk Ranking Of Cracking Failures Of Duplex Stainless Steel (DSS) REACs In Hydroprocessing Equipment – An Update

Introduction This is an update to our previous blog on cracking of refinery hydroprocessing REACs made of duplex stainless steel:  View Original Post 2205 DSS (UNS S31803 or S32205) has been used in refinery hydroprocessing unit reactor effluent air coolers (REACs) since the mid 1980’s (1).  2205 was selected due to its good resistance to ammonium […]

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Origins and Fates of Chlorides in Hydroprocessing Units – Part 1: Recognizing the Problem

Introduction This series of three articles explores the impacts chlorides may have on hydroprocessing units (hydrotreaters and hydrocrackers).  It provides a methodical approach to identifying the typical effects that point toward chlorides, the sources of chlorides in process feed streams, chloride-induced failure mechanisms, methods for identifying chlorides, strategies for chloride control, and a step-by-step process […]

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Risk Assessment of Refinery Hydroprocessing Unit Reactor Effluent Air Coolers (REACs) Made of Duplex Stainless Steel (DSS)

Cracking of REAC Duplex Stainless Steel Failures of Refinery Hydroprocessing Unit REACs made of 2205 DSS have in some cases resulted in significant plant damage and extended outages for repairs.  In a few  cases, header box welds have ruptured.  Additionally, failures have occurred at tube-to-tubesheet welds and in REAC inlet and outlet piping made of […]

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Multi-Discipline Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)

Becht Engineering is at the forefront of performing extensive Root Cause Failure Analyses (RCFA) for its clients in heavy industry. When a full scope RCFA is performed for a client, an experienced and committed team is deployed to multiple areas before, during, and after a Root Cause Investigation. These teams are typically led by an […]

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