A Novel Nondestructive Technique for Detecting and Sizing Carburization Damage in Heater Tubes

Fired Heaters come in many types and configurations: catalytic reformers, crude heaters, visbreakers, vacuum heaters, coker heaters, etc; and many are prone to carburization damage (i.e. residual carbon diffusing into the tube material, causing damage or even failure). Many refineries today use delayed coking processes to upgrade their crude product. This process includes the use […]

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Pressure Vessel Fitness for Service

A major oil company revitalizing an Iraqi oil field called on Becht Engineering to review several hundred pressure vessels containing thinned regions to determine their fitness for service (FFS) per the API-579-1/ASME-FFS-1 Part 5 process for analyzing Local Thin Areas (LTAs). Using ultrasonic testing (UT) and visual inspection data, Becht Engineering customized its proprietary API-579-1/ASME-FFS-1 […]

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