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Becht Engineering Blog

In this section of the site contributing authors submit interesting articles relating to the various services, industries and research & development efforts of Becht Engineering.

Securing the Right Expert to Support Your Lawsuit

lit-support-blog-image Becht Litigation Support
On March 25, 2016 I published a Blog titled “ Expert Witness, a Becht Engineering Service to Avoid ”. This Blog focused on a number of elements that can be used to assure projects do not result in litigation. These elements include: Developing a sound, complete scope of work Selecting a qualified contractor Using proven industry standards with specific addenda Putting a highly experienced management and technical team in the contractor’s office Implementing shop and field quality assurance programs Demanding timely reporting from the contractor However, we find that many times these elements are not implemented on major projects and there is a dispute over cost, schedule or performance resulting in litigation. There can also be cases involving equipment failures, underperformance of projects, patent infringement or injury where we are contacted after the litigation process is well under way. In these cases, it is critical the legal team engage the right...
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