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Becht Engineering Blog

In this section of the site contributing authors submit interesting articles relating to the various services, industries and research & development efforts of Becht Engineering.

Dimensional Accuracy – What is Achievable in the Field?

Measure_cove_20181022-144453_1 Accuracy and Precision Are Not The Same
When I am asked to speak about dimensional accuracy, I often refer to a personal story that happened to me when I began my career as a young structural designer. At that time, I was eager to impress the design checker with my ability to accurately dimension structural rebar spacing in a spread footing foundation. I wanted to make sure the rebar was evenly spaced based on design criteria and clearance. Without even considering the practicality of what I was doing, I placed the rebar spacing dimension of #5 rebar at 7 7/16” on center spacing. As I proudly handed over the drawing to the checker, he looked over the work, and a few minutes later he told me that we were going to the field to do some field measurements the next day. The next day, we proceeded to the site, and the checker was looking for some foundations that...
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