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Becht Engineering is very proud to announce that one of our senior specialists, Bob Sims, has been nominated to serve as ASME President for 2014-2015. Bob has a long history of leading ASME Code activities,and has been a very valued member of Becht Engineering since 1998.

Bob is a recognized authority in riskbased technologies for optimizing inspection and maintenance decisions, design and analysis of high pressure equipment including high pressure/high temperature equipment for oil and gas exploration and production, mechanical integrity evaluation and fitness-for-service analysis. Before joining Becht Engineering in 1998, he worked for more than 30 years with Exxon (now ExxonMobil), the last 10 years as a pressure equipment specialist with Exxon Research and Engineering.

Mr. Sims is an ASME Fellow and has served in a variety of ASME o%ces during his more than 30 years as a member. These positions include member of the Board of Governors (2010-2013), Senior Vice President for Standards and Certi!cation (2005-2008), Vice President for Pressure Technology Codes and Standards (1999-2002), and Chair of the Pressure Technology Post Construction Committee (1995-2001). He is past Vice Chair and current member of the ASME/API Joint Fitness for Service Committee, Past Chair and current member of the Subgroup on High Pressure Vessels (Section VIII, Div 3), member of the Subcommittee on Pressure Vessels (Section VIII), as well as other committees, and is past Chair of the ASME B31.3 Subgroup on High Pressure Piping.

Bob developed the ASME Guide to Life Cycle Management of Pressure Equipment Integrity and the Roadmap for Development of ASME Code Rules for High Temperature Gas Reactors. He received the Melvin R. Green and the J.Hall Taylor Codes and Standards Medals, as well as the ASME Dedicated Service Award. Bob represented the Board of Governors on the ASME Presidential Task Force on Response to Japan Nuclear Power Events. He has more than 30 publications and two patents and is a frequent speaker and chair in technical forums.

 From the ASME...

During the President's Dinner at the Annual Meeting, the ASME Nominating Committee announced the selection of J. Robert (Bob) Sims Jr. as ASME president-nominee for 2014-2015. The Committee also announced the nominees for seven other ASME positions, including the next three members of the Board of Governors.

Sims, a senior engineering fellow with Becht Engineering Co. Inc., is a renowned authority in risk-based technologies, high pressure equipment, mechanical integrity evaluation and Fitness-For-Service analysis, including brittle fracture analysis. Before joining Becht Engineering in 1998, he worked for more than 30 years with Exxon (now ExxonMobil), the last 10 years as a pressure equipment specialist with worldwide responsibility for standards and improving equipment integrity.

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