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Becht Nuclear -- In-House Short Technical Courses

1-Day and 2-Day Short In-House Courses for Nuclear Plant Engineers


ASME III Technical Requirements: Understand the technical basis of the design and fabrication requirements for ASME III pressure equipment: vessels, pumps, valves, piping systems, and tanks

ASME XI Code Cases for the Operability Assessment of Corroded Equipment: Review ASME XI CC N-513 and N-597 (above ground piping), and CC N-806 (buried pie), their procedures, their technical basis, and their implementation through case studies. Review the assessment techniques for vessels, tanks, and other pressure equipment.

Introduction to Fracture Mechanics for the Evaluation of Crack-Like Flaws: Types and causes of of crack-like flaws, integrity assessment using ASME XI fracture mechanics, crack stability, crack propagation, environmental fatigue, leak-before-break, repair options.

Piping Systems: Review and understand the technical basis of the design and analysis rules of ASME III and B31.1, high energy line break, seismic design, trouble-shooting, flow-induced vibration, waterhammer, over-pressure.

Buried Pipe Integrity Assessment: Review and understand the technical basis for the design equations and design margins for buried pipe, types of damage mechanisms, operability and end-of-life assessment of corroded buried pipe.

 For further information, please contact
George Antaki or Becht Tech Training