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BIDES stands for Becht Inspection Development and Execution Strategy. BIDES is a suite of 76 documents that lay the technical foundation for Damage Mechanism Reviews, Integrity Operating Windows (IOW), Turnaround Risk Based Work Selection (RBWS), and Equipment Reliability Plans (ERP). Each of the BIDES covers a specific damage mechanism and includes the 66 damage mechanisms listed in API-571 along with 10 common damage mechanisms found in the refining industry.

BIDES, as a knowledge base, provides guidance on the following:

  1. Provides critical factors to identify the applicable Damage Mechanisms
  2. Lists equipment and areas of the refinery that are commonly affected
  3. Identifies Failure Modes
  4. Supplies guidance on monitoring the Critical Factors affecting the Damage Mechanism
  5. Has detailed information on Inspection Techniques, Locations & Coverage
  6. Supplies the criteria to assess the Unmitigated Probability of Failure (POF)
  7. Allows for the reductions in POF for mitigation actions & materials upgrades
  8. Allows for the reductions in POF through Inspection


Applications of BIDES

  1. Unlike commercially available software which provide RBI methodologies, BIDES is unique in that it combines the assessment of DMs and integrates them into decision-making for “launching” an Inspection Program - in one document. No other database in the industry is equipped to do this.

  2. BIDES is a valuable technology for Independent Oil Refiners that do not have full time Materials Experts, adequate inspection data and rely on their Inspection Groups to set up and execute Risk Based Inspection Programs for Fixed Equipment and Piping. At the same time, the knowledge base is also useful for the existing Risk Based Inspection Programs for big Oil Conglomerates.

  3. When a site does not have good quality data on thickness and SCR’s (Short Term Corrosion rates) or LTCR’s (Long Term Corrosion Rates), the leadership team do not know where to start and ensure that their risk levels are tolerable from an integrity standard. This is also called a “Base-line Inspection” in refining industry. BIDES gives them the opportunity to establish a starting point and develop a valid risk based inspection program.

    For example, for the first inspection cycle, users are given good guidance for determining default values for each of the 76 DMs in the process streams for a refinery. For example, they can start the process by assigning default probabilities for DMs, and TML locations, with “conservative” inspection intervals. They can start to use ar/t estimates (valid corrosion rates) once they get valid data from a couple of inspection cycles. This is a conservative approach from a risk management standpoint but it does provide users with time to either “back-off” or supplement the program as it progresses.

In summary, BIDES enables inspection groups, in short order, to make decisions on risk assessments in a concise manner, without requiring the traditional time consuming approach of using expensive multi-functional teams. If a site applies BIDES correctly it will result in a “robust” Inspection program whose foundation was built on input from world-class Materials and Inspection Experts.

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Becht Reliability Technology Manual

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