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Becht Engineering has a team of Reliability Specialists who provide assistance in reviewing Turnaround Work Scopes and Routine Maintenance Plans. Becht’s methodology utilizes Risk Based Work Selection (RBWS), which is an industry Best Practice.

The RBWS methodology utilizes Becht’s proprietary STRAITS© tool to enable risk-based decision making in equipment operations, inspection and maintenance.

 Turnaround Work Scope Optimization

Expert Facilitators work with Refinery Operations/Maintenance/Technical Supervisors engaged in TA Work Scope development. A comprehensive assessment of the Work List is done to assess the drivers (Process or Equipment Integrity) for TA work. A structured risk-based process, utilizes Becht’s software to challenge the work list items and determine whether the TA work is justifiable, or whether deferments are permissible. For TAs which require 200,000 to 1,000,000 person-hrs, the Becht process has identified potential savings of 15-30% on estimated Direct Costs for the planned work scope.


Routine Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

In addition to TA Work Scope development, the Becht RBWS Process can also be used to plan, schedule, and prioritize inspection and maintenance work requests from Operations and Technical Departments at refineries. These activities, which provide the basis for bi-weekly forecasts for maintenance planning, are inevitably dependent upon limited contractor resources which require optimization. The Becht STRAITs tool, which uses a risk-based methodology, provides a structured and well documented tool to establish work planning and scheduling priorities and forecasts.

The cross-functional team uses the software’s risk calculator along with other considerations (unmitigated S/H/E risk, cost of action item, bad actor resolution, etc.) to make the determination whether the task is in-scope based on previously determined task acceptance criteria. The group is required to determine a justification for the decision. The STRAITS reports, designed in consultation with the client’s corporate management, highlight the justification, risk reduction achieved and economic benefits of the worklist items.

Application of the RBWS process, incorporated in the STRAITS© tool, will ensure uniform and rigorous methodology and allow managers to easily review the justifications for TA work scope decisions at refineries and chemical plants.

 Becht’s RBWS technology is well-known among North American refiners as a process essential for Turnaround Excellence. The process can also be effectively applied towards Routine Maintenance and Planning. Becht has track record of reducing T/A work scope by 20-25% in terms of man-hours for several North American and International facilities. Click here for more details on Becht’s RBWS track record.

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Becht's Reliability Technology Manual

Becht Reliability Technology Manual

The Reliability Technology manual describes all the services that are offered by Becht Engineering’s Reliability Group. This manual highlights key work processes that are offered as consulting services to hydrocarbon majors around the world. Becht’s Reliability Group has track record of executing a wide range of asset integrity development and turn-around work scope management projects. This experience covers both capital projects and existing facilities.

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