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Reasons to Choose Becht Laser Scanning (BLS):Z+F Imager 5010C

  • We do all of our work lump sum. Therefore, we are geared towards efficiency to save you money!
  • Our propriety process includes registering all data before we leave the site, eliminating the need to re-scan. This saves you time by shortening data turnaround and costs associated with re-scans.
  • We maintain your plant monument system and copies of all scans at no cost! This saves you time and money should you need the scans again in the future.
  • We provide free training, allowing you to effectively utilize the data.
  • We are the largest provider of scanning services in the U.S., allowing us to be responsive.

BLS is one of the premier in situ data gathering, mapping and digitizing groups in the country. We are the largest provider of laser scanning services in the U.S., enabling us to be extremely responsive to client needs and provide fast turnarounds from project initiation to completion.



Becht has provided laser scanning services since 2009. Each individual on our BLS management team has over 15 years of experience in the laser scanning industry. Our experience in both project execution and the software platforms to utilize the data, sets us apart. This makes us both efficient and accurate, ultimately providing you with higher quality data at a lower cost.



BLS has worked with customers across industries such as petrochemical, refining, pharmaceutical and nuclear.
Becht's track record of successes both domestically and internationally in this area is long-standing. We work with major owner/operators as well as EPC's. Our clients comprise both major corporations and smaller firms -- BLS believes that no project is too small or too large to benefit from our services.

 Map of Becht Laser Scanning Projects


BLS works with most dimensional control, piping, and engineering systems on the market today - giving us the perspective and experience to supply exemplary service. All of this makes us the "go-to" service provider for your needs.
Our propriety process includes performing scans during the day and registering the data at night. This insures accuracy and means that we eliminate the need to return later to re-work scans. This thus saves you time by shortening the data turnaround time and cost for repeat visits.
BLS owns the latest, most advanced laser scanning equipment. We do not lease or rent. Our technicians are fully trained on this equipment resulting in faster and more efficient usage. More importantly, we know our equipment is calibrated correctly for highly accurate results.
Utilization of the latest software, plus state-of-the-art hardware to capture and process your data allows Becht Laser Scanning to produce the fastest turnarounds in the industry - especially important in those tightly scheduled projects.
One recently completed project involved 6000 scans; scheduled and accomplished in less than 30 days.

 Becht Laser Scanning PointCloudSoftware

Customer Satisfaction

Moreover, our team is committed to client satisfaction with the focus on going above and beyond typical expectations of a service provider.
Becht Laser Scanning understands that our success is linked to your success. We always maintain close business relationships with our clients - resulting in the fact that a majority of our clients are repeat customers.

Your Project

All of our support is inclusive to each client. We provide an upfront, fixed-cost proposal for all services -- without hidden fees or extra charges. This means that we are geared towards efficiency, accuracy and quality. We maintain your plant monument system and copies of scans at no cost. This means you won’t have to have your plant re-scanned should data be damaged, lost or if you have a new project requiring the same scans. This ultimately saves you time and money. Additionally, we provide free training on utilization of the point cloud software. This free service enables you to quickly, effectively, and accurately use the scanned data.
We look forward to being your trusted and preferred laser scanning service provider. For more information about Becht Laser Scanning and how we may assist you, contact us by clicking on the button below:


Contact Becht Laser Scanning

or Call James Hamilton at (225) 384-0105

BLS 3image industry

Industries Served by BLS

  • Petrochemical
  • Refinery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nuclear
  • Food and Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Offshore (Semi‐Subs, FPSO’s, Drill Ships, etc.)

International Work

Becht Laser Scanning has conducted many international projects. Selected locations are:

  • Russia
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Mexico
  • Chile
  • Canada
  • Africa

Becht Laser Scanning can utilize Becht Engineering offices in most of the overseas countries where we work, enabling a smooth project control while helping to mitigate customs issues.

3d piping bubble view

piping inPCdata