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Becht Engineering’s Laser Scanning Division is the premier provider of three-dimensional (3D) laser scanning services and has grown to be the largest provider of 3D laser scanning services in the United States!

About Us

Mike Swymn and Chad Morris co-founded Becht Engineering’s Laser Scanning Division in 2009. Since then, the Division has grown substantially to keep pace with industry needs. Initially, the majority of laser scanning clients were located along the Gulf Coast, primarily in Louisiana and Texas. This quickly and steadily changed as word spread throughout the industry of the high-quality work products produced by the Division. Becht has now executed projects throughout the United States, and internationally. The Laser Scanning Division’s management team is comprised of highly experienced professionals, each with nearly two decades of experience in the industry. A portion of the Division’s success is resultant of the continuous research performed by the team, and proficiency in the latest equipment and software related to the industry. Becht’s experience in both project execution, top-of-the line equipment and software platforms used to utilize scan data, sets the Laser Scanning Division far above competitors providing similar services. Because Becht is so highly experienced in capturing and utilizing data to the fullest extent, the team is exceedingly accurate and efficient. This level of expertise provides the end user with high quality data as quickly and economically feasible as possible.

What is “Laser Scanning”?Z F Imager 5010C

A laser scanner is a high volume, high definition survey instrument. Becht uses Z+F 5010/5010C laser scanners, capable of capturing 508,000 3D points per second. “Laser Scanning” has become a catch-all term that essentially describes the process of using a laser scanner to capture millions of points in a plant and transforming them digitally into a 3D model, which at first glance, bears a striking resemblance to a digital 3D photo, except it’s highly interactive and functional. The scanning process is a non-intrusive method of rapidly collecting high-quality detailed data in a very short amount of time. The resulting data is then referenced into various CAD platforms to support accurate interactivity between new designs and as-built/existing conditions.


Why Choose Becht for Your Laser Scanning Needs?

  • Training on the use of the data and software is provided, as often as necessary, allowing users to effectively utilize the data.
  • Becht works closely with each client to plan and execute every project as safely, effectively and efficiently as possible. Becht can mobilize teams in as little as 24 hours, following receipt of a purchase order, navigating site access requirements and meeting clients’ needs as quickly as possible.
  • Becht’s onsite Laser Scanning team reviews and registers acquired data prior to demobilizing, eliminating the need to return and re-scan areas needing more attention. This process has shortened data turnaround and costs associated with re-scans. The accuracy of the scans produced by Becht are in the sub-millimeter range – which is tremendously precise in the industry.
  • By providing the end-user with high quality data within one week, clients’ construction schedules can expect to be reduced by 10% and project error rates reduced by 5%. References for hard dollar amounts the Division’s work has saved Clients are available upon request, and often exceed the six-figure range.
  • Becht will maintain client plant monument system databases and copies of all scans on a confidential hard drive, at no extra cost; which saves time and funds, should the scans be needed again in the future.

How Would Laser Scanning Benefit My Project/Site?

When a facility experiences growth and plans an expansion, profitability hinges upon effective specification, procurement and installation of new equipment. When any type of expansion is required, having the best resources available to effectively plan and execute this work in a cost effective, timely manner is essential. Becht Laser Scanning is the best go-to resource to support modification and expansion needs, every step of the way. Becht supports those needs by utilizing 3D laser scanning technology to provide highly accurate system, material and equipment data. Every scan point has xyz positional data that is registered to the unique plant coordinate system, making it possible to measure or locate anything that was captured by the scanner. Becht provides laser scan data that can be integrated with CAD design models in AutoCAD, AutoPlant, SmartPlant 3D, SmartPlant Review, PDS, PDMS and Microstation. A value-added benefit is that the user now has access to a virtual copy of the plant, accessible anywhere from their laptop or desktop, eliminating safety concerns associated with conventional field visits and work.

Is Laser Scanning Safe?

The Z+F 5010 Laser Scanner is a class 1 laser (eye safe), low energy, battery operated. However, it is not intrinsically safe. This instrument has the same spark potential as a digital camera and cell phone, therefore requires the same permitting. Becht’s standard operating procedure requires the scanner technician to stay with the scanner during operation to keep foot and other traffic out of the area, preventing people or vehicles from being inadvertently captured. This procedure ensures that safety protocols are met and areas to be scanned are not blocked from the scanners view. The Becht Engineering Laser Scanning Division is very safe, and to date, has a perfect safety record.


Becht works with the majority of laser scanning, dimensional control, piping, and engineering systems on the market today – providing an innovative perspective and extensive experience to supply exemplary service. Becht personnel have been using Z+F software since its development and will offer training for users in the use of the LFM Software suite. Becht offers best practice training for users in the use of the laser scan data in stand-alone and CAD environments. Becht will also train users on how to perform internal Quality Control Checks. These factors make Becht undeniably the "go-to" service provider for all of your laser scanning needs.

Becht Laser Scanning PointCloudSoftware

Your Project

All support and services are tailored to each client’s needs. An upfront, fixed-cost proposal is generated for all services – without hidden fees or extra charges. Becht is geared towards efficiency, accuracy and quality. Upon completion of a client’s project, the plant monument system and copies of scans are maintained securely at no cost. This is done so that a client’s plant will not need to be re-scanned should data be damaged, lost or if there is a new project requiring the same scans. This ultimately saves time and revenue. Additionally, free training is provided on utilization of the point cloud software. This service enables users to quickly and effectively use the scanned data.

Customer Satisfaction

Becht owns the latest, most advanced laser scanning equipment on the market. This equipment is not leased or rented. Each device is calibrated daily to maintain highly accurate results. Becht’s laser scanning technicians are fully trained on the proper care and use of this equipment, resulting in prompt and efficient project completion.  

Utilization of the latest software, plus state-of-the-art hardware to capture and process data allows Becht Laser Scanning to produce the fastest turnarounds in the industry – crucially important to tightly scheduled projects. Above all, our team is exceedingly committed to client satisfaction. Becht is focused on going above and beyond the typical expectations of any service provider. Becht understands that our success is linked to your success.  Becht maintains close business relationships with all clients – consistently resulting in satisfied, repeat customers.

Becht's track record of success both domestically and internationally in laser scanning is long-standing. Becht’s Laser Scanning Division has worked with customers across industries such as petrochemical, refining, pharmaceutical and nuclear. Becht works with major owner/operators as well as EPC's. Our client base encompasses both major corporations and small firms. No project is too small or too large to benefit from laser scanning services.

Map of Becht Laser Scanning Projects

Becht looks forward to being your trusted and preferred laser scanning service provider. For more information about Becht Laser Scanning and how we may assist you, contact us by clicking on the button below:

Contact Becht Laser Scanning

or Call Matthew Craig (832) 372-6212

BLS 3image industry

Industries Served by BLS

  • Petrochemical
  • Refinery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nuclear
  • Food and Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Offshore (Semi‐Subs, FPSO’s, Drill Ships, etc.)

International Work

Becht Laser Scanning has executed many international projects. Selected project locations include:

  • Russia
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Mexico
  • Chile
  • Canada
  • Africa

The Laser Scanning Division utilizes Becht’s satellite offices located outside of the United States to support International clients, enabling smooth and efficient project control. Becht also has a dedicated International Site Coordinator on-staff who navigates customs and visa requirements, which allows technicians to mobilize as quickly as possible.

3d piping bubble view

piping inPCdata