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Becht Reliability Technology Services


In today's petro-chemical and refining industries, sustained long term reliability of facilities is a key to profitability and competitiveness. History shows that differences in Operating Expenses between best-in-class refineries, and poor performers, can be as much as 20-30MM$/YR. The cost of unreliability also impacts on lost opportunity via supply disruptions.  Safety and Reliability are inter-dependent.  Becht Engineering has the expertise and tools to successfully help clients with plant-wide, unit-wide, or equipment specific reliability issues. These proprietary technologies are documented in Becht’s Reliability Technology Manual. These technologies have been successfully implemented across North American and Global facilities including South America, Australia, Russia, Middle East, Asia and many other locations. 

Becht Reliability Services include following:

Equipment Reliability Planning


The Becht Equipment Reliability Planning (ERP) Work Process was designed to comply with the risk based inspection program as described in API RP-580 - Risk Based Inspection.  It also complies with the ASME PCC-3 Inspection Planning Document.  In addition, terminology and data are to a large extent consistent with API RP-571, Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining Industry, and API RP-581, Base Resource Document-Risk Based Inspection.

Risk-Based Equipment Reliability Planning programs are an important component of total life cycle analysis for facilities.  In addition, appropriate use of risk-based decision making during the design and construction phases of a project, as well as for short term maintenance decisions (e.g. repair of a pump on an emergency basis or rely on the running spare for a few days) is also very important for integrity management.  These decisions are facilitated by appropriate benefit/cost analyses that are used in all phases.

The resulting inspection and maintenance plan for each item can  be tabulated and sorted both by decreasing benefit to cost ratio, and S/H/E risk levels. This allows task prioritization and enables the client to get the highest return on inspection and maintenance costs. A graphical summary of an ERP assessment sorted by decreasing benefit to cost ratio is shown below.

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Risk Based Work Selection

Becht Engineering has a team of Reliability Specialists who provide assistance in reviewing Turnaround Work Scopes and Routine Maintenance Plans. Becht’s methodology utilizes Risk Based Work Selection (RBWS), which is an industry Best Practice.

The RBWS methodology utilizes Becht’s proprietary STRAITS© tool to enable risk-based decision making in equipment operations, inspection and maintenance.

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BIDES (Becht Inspection Development and Execution Strategy)

BIDES stands for Becht Inspection Development and Execution Strategy. BIDES is a suite of 76 documents that lay the technical foundation for Damage Mechanism Reviews, Integrity Operating Windows (IOW), Turnaround Risk Based Work Selection (RBWS), and Equipment Reliability Plans (ERP). Each of the BIDES covers a specific damage mechanism and includes the 66 damage mechanisms listed in API-571 along with 10 common damage mechanisms found in the refining industry.

BIDES, as a knowledge base, provides guidance on the following:

  1. Provides critical factors to identify the applicable Damage Mechanisms
  2. Lists equipment and areas of the refinery that are commonly affected
  3. Identifies Failure Modes
  4. Supplies guidance on monitoring the Critical Factors affecting the Damage Mechanism
  5. Has detailed information on Inspection Techniques, Locations & Coverage
  6. Supplies the criteria to assess the Unmitigated Probability of Failure (POF)
  7. Allows for the reductions in POF for mitigation actions & materials upgrades
  8. Allows for the reductions in POF through Inspection

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Reliability Gap Assessment

Poor reliability performance of process units and/or a history of incidents requiring unplanned shutdown drives the leadership team at site to reflect on their operations/management practices. A site with a vision of achieving “pacesetter performance” often conducts gap assessment of Safe Operations / Maintenance practices as a first step. Reliability Gap Assessment helps identifying the scope of technology opportunity and best practices to incorporate, in order to make a refinery more competitive. A visual of Reliability Gap Assessment is as below;

reliability gap assessment

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Reliability Management System

Becht has successfully created and implemented a corporate Reliability Management System (RMS) for a North American downstream major. RMS for a pacesetter facility typically includes industry best practices and latest technologies. All the elements of RMS were custom built and implemented for this client. Becht also helps with stewardship of an existing RMS and its elements. Guidance includes providing a framework for the RLT to develop a vision for engaging the work force and changing the culture to achieve sustained safety and profitability of its assets. Click here for more information on core and supplemental elements of RMS.

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Becht's Reliability Technology Manual

Becht Reliability Technology Manual

The Reliability Technology manual describes all the services that are offered by Becht Engineering’s Reliability Group. This manual highlights key work processes that are offered as consulting services to hydrocarbon majors around the world. Becht’s Reliability Group has track record of executing a wide range of asset integrity development and turn-around work scope management projects. This experience covers both capital projects and existing facilities.

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