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Design/Analysis Services

cfdfigure1Becht Engineering has extensive experience and expertise in the design and analysis of mechanical components, including those for very severe environments such as very high temperatures and pressures. The coupling of extensive design experience and analysis capability enables us to take on the most challenging design projects. Added to this mix is our extensive experience in the relevant codes and standards, as we have participated in and chaired many of the committees that are responsible for those that govern the design of this equipment. 

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Finite Element Analysis

Becht Engineering has developed a reputation as one of the premier providers of Design-By-Analysis services.  We have a deep reservoir of staff that perform finite element analysis using commercial programs such as ABAQUS, ANSYS, SolidWorks and products of Paulin Research Group.  Types of analysis include linear and nonlinear analysis, stress, heat transfer and dynamics including seismic. Given the many analytical tools available, we are able to choose the most efficient and cost-effective tool for the task at hand; for example, we frequently use non-linear analysis to develop more efficient equipment designs and/or to demonstrate that existing equipment is fit for service. Our extensive code expertise enables us to provide authoritative interpretations of the analysis results. Our experts include such frequently published engineers as Greg Hollinger, Trevor Seipp, and Dr. Charles Becht.

Fluid Flow/Transients

Becht Engineering has experience analyzing transient fluid flow problems in a variety of industries.  We have analyzed check valve slam for New York City in their water processing facilities for extremely large piping coming from their upstate aqueducts and developed recommendations to eliminate unacceptably high loads.  We have solved flow induced vibration in waste heat boilers and heat exchangers.  Piping systems have been analyzed to determine the source and ultimate solution to excessive line noise leading to vibration issues.  Finally the interaction between pumps, including startup/shutdown/unexpected trips, and the rest of the hydraulic system has been extensively studied.

Fracture Mechanics

Becht Engineering has custom in-house software which adheres to the latest ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and API-579 methodologies for fracture mechanics life prediction. This software is capable of handling multiple component geometries, multiple unique cycles, different crack orientations, and cracks on the outside and inside of the component. The software has been used successfully in both fitness-for-service evaluations of existing equipment with known defects and for new design of ASME BPVC Div 3 high-pressure systems. It has been co-developed by Bob Sims, past chair ASME BVPC Div 3, member of API-579 and also Eileen Chant, Becht's Manager of Technology Development and Support.

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Heat Transfer

valvefeaBecht Engineering has helped its clients in the Process and Power Industry analyze a wide variety of specialty heat transfer problems. Our analytical capabilities in this area include Masters and PhD degreed engineers who have a great deal of experience in transient and steady state heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics analyses of industrial equipment. We develop our thermal FEA models in ANSYS and ABAQUS, and also develop custom heat transfer simulation models in Excel or Visual Studio.

High Pressure Design

Becht Engineering is expert in the design and analysis of high pressure equipment.  Our staff includes the former Chair of the high pressure subgroup of ASME B31.3 responsible for Chapter IX rules and the former long time Chair of the Subgroup on High Pressure Vessels, which is responsible for the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 3.  We have designed piping and pressure vessels for pressures in excess  of 3,500 bar, such as for the manufacture of low density polyethylene (LDPE).  We have reviewed and commented on the design of  pressure vessels for pressures up to 6,000 bar.  Our designs have included high pressure composite vessels for natural gas transport (glass fiber) and hydrogen fuel tanks (carbon fiber). We use our in-house fracture mechanics software for the design of such equipment for cyclic loading.

Metallurgical and Corrosion

Becht staff include over ten senior materials experts with expertise in applications including power, refining, petrochemical and chemical facilities, and materials including metals, coatings and linings, and nonmetals such as refractories, thermoplastics (e.g. high density polyethylene) and reinforced thermosetting resins (e.g. fiberglass).  Our services include material selection, establishing operating envelopes for equipment, failure analysis, remaining life assessment, and establishing deterioration mechanisms and their associated probabilities for risk based inspection and development of equipment reliability plans.  We are experts in modifications to existing chemical processes to alleviate and control corrosion that allows continued operation of existing equipment.  We are experts in the equipment requirements for processing corrosive crudes (e.g. high TAN crudes such as Doba crude) as well as material applications for high temperature services such as steam cracking furnaces and furnaces to produce synthesis gas.

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