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Design/Analysis Services

cfdfigure1Becht Engineering has extensive experience and expertise in the design and analysis of mechanical components, including those for very severe environments such as very high temperatures and pressures. The coupling of extensive design experience and analysis capability enables us to take on the most challenging design projects. Added to this mix is our extensive experience in the relevant codes and standards, as we have participated in and chaired many of the committees that are responsible for those that govern the design of this equipment. 

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Piping Stress Analysis

Becht Engineering staff are experts in piping stress analysis. They not only perform this work extensively, they have developed the Code rules as active participants in the ASME Codes, have Chaired ASME B31.3, Process Piping Code, and teach courses on the subject of process piping and piping stress analysis.

Becht's senior specialists in piping include:

  • Dr. Charles Becht, past Chairman of the ASME B31.3, Process Piping Code Committee and Member of the B31 Mechanical Design Committee (MDC);
  • Don Frikken, past Chairman of B31.3;
  • George Antaki, Chairman of the ASME B31 MDC;
  • John Breen, member of the B31.3 Subgroup on Design and B31 MDC; and
  • Bob Sims, former Chair of the B31 Subgroup on High Pressure Piping.

Our staff of mechanical engineers perform piping stress analysis under the guidance of these senior specialists.

Dr. Becht is also the author of the ASME Books, Process Piping, The Complete Guide to ASME B31.3 and Power Piping, The Complete Guide to ASME B31.1. Our expert knowledge enables us to properly interpret results in order to develop creative solutions to problems.

We have performed numerous piping stress analyses, including ones for which criteria needed to be developed, such as a 1000oC (1800oF) piping system for the Marble Hill Reactor Annealing Project. We have also done detailed analyses as required by the rules for high pressure piping in ASME B31.3, Chapter IX, for systems operating at pressures as high as 3000 bar. Stress analyses have included dynamic response to waterhammer and other transient events.

We have designed and analyzed both metallic piping systems and non-metallic piping systems such as lined pipe, fiberglass and other reinforced thermosetting resin systems and thermoplastic pipe.

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Becht Engineering has the expert knowledge in mechanical design, metallurgy and fabrication to design repairs for process equipment. Dr. Becht founded the ASME Post Construction Committee on Repair and Testing which developed PCC-2, Repair of Pressure Equipment and Piping, and Chaired the committee for twelve years. Our knowledge of repair techniques is coupled with extensive expertise in the relevant new construction codes, fitness for service assessment techniques to determine if repairs are required, and sophisticated analyses capabilities to evaluate the integrity of the repair, if required.


Occasionally, the Fitness-For-Service assessment will indicate that suitable margins against failure are not achieved.  One recourse is to re-rate the equipment.  Becht Engineering has substantial experience and expertise in re-rating equipment; skills that we can use in this outcome of a Fitness-For-Service assessment.  As members of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel as well as ASME B31 Piping code committees, we are experts in the application of code rules.   Re-rating equipment may allow it to be safely operated until the damage can be repaired or a replacement can be fabricated.

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Vibration Analysis

Becht Engineering evaluates piping, vessel, heat exchanger, fired heater, stack and other equipment and structural vibration and vibration failures and develops corrective actions. Our tools range from simple screening criteria to sophisticated finite element and piping dynamic analyses. We provide detailed designs that correct the vibration conditions. We also measure the levels of vibration in the field with sophisticated data acquisition equipment. Dr. Becht and Don Frikken teach a course on Practical Piping Vibration.

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Becht staff includes materials and mechanical engineers with expertise in welding and fabrication of pressure equipment. This includes expertise in heavy wall vessels, welding in difficult circumstances such as the weld repair of embrittled material, and welding of modified 9 chrome steel. In addition, we have designed and evaluated heat treatment plans such as bulls-eye heat treatment for coke drum repairs and heat treatment of new nuclear heat exchangers. This expertise is applied both for new construction and repair.