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Offering 20 years of dimensional control (Dimensional Survey) experience, combined with the most advanced survey software available, Becht provides our clients with the confidence and assurance that each project will be completed with “no surprises.”

About Dimensional Control

Becht offers the complete Dimensional Control experience. Our high standards are met by our investment in our own work, those we partner with, and subcontract to, and the technology we rely on to assist us in our aim to provide our customers with a product that surpasses their expectations.

Becht is positioned to provide whichever technology your specific project requires, whether it be Dimensional Control, Laser Scanning, or conventional methods. No matter the technology, we provide a service that will meet each client’s project requirements and adopt the optimal delivery method to successfully complete each assignment.

Becht takes pride in our ability to self-perform all of our work. We employ a range of employees from Dimensional Control Technicians to Project Managers. All of our employees share in our quality and operational beliefs in regards to delivering a quality product, efficiently within the specified timeframe and budget. Most importantly we believe in collecting the data and producing a package that will allow completion in a safer environment for all associated.

Whatever the industry, onshore or offshore, in America or overseas. No project is too small or too large for our team.

Dimensional Control Services

As a complete Dimensional Control contractor, Becht self performs all of its Dimensional Control duties. Becht provides experienced staff for all levels of projects, including Dimensional Control Technicians, CAD Operators and Dimensional Control Project Managers.
The following is a sampling of the site services we provide to many of our clients on a regular basis. However, our capabilities far exceed just the projects listed here. Do not hesitate to contact us to see if dimensional control makes sense for your unique project. 

Project Verification


  • Clash Free               
  • Dimensionally Verified
  • Fewer/No Field Welds   


  • Design Model          
  • Red Line Isometrics
  • Construction Package Generation
 project verification

Construction Package Generation


  • No field to verify notes
  • Generated from site survey
  • Single point of contact


  • Construction isometric
  • 3D Model
  • Weld inspection isometric
  • Material request forms
 construction pkg gen

Project Quality Control


  • Verify fabrication to construction isometric
  • No site surprises caused by incorrect fabrication


  • As-built text report
  • As-built vector error drawing
  • As-built 3D model
 proj qual control

Nozzle Placement


  • Accurate placement
  • Accurate nozzle alignment


  • As found report    
 nozzle placement

Vessel / Tower / Equipment


  • Accurate dimensions
  • Nozzle confirmation
  • Attachment detailing


  • Detail drawings
 vessel tower equip

Rail Alignment


  • Results instantly displayed -
    meaning no delay in working with
    field crews in setting shims or alignment.


  • Detail drawings
 rail alignment



Becht utilizes the latest Dimensional Control drafting/modeling software. Our software was established in the United Kingdom 15 years ago and has since been used on projects around the globe.

Software Functions Include:

  • Auto 3D modeling of Piping and Steelwork
  • Auto piping isometric generation
  • Auto Flange calculation of flange face angles and bolt hole rotations
  • Calculates best fit as-built of any pipe fabrication instantly and produces a quality report for product QC package
  • Temperature correcting scaling. Used on large scale projects where dimensions are affected by the temperature.
  • .idf & .pcf spool design file upload

Project Verification

Becht believes that no matter how well a project has been planned or designed, that if the component to be installed is fabricated incorrectly, then all plans and designs are obsolete.

However, over the years it has been agreed by owner operators, design houses and fabricators that more needs to be done to ensure fabrication correctness. But despite all parties being in agreement, it is a cost that few want to absorb.

chicken eggThose who have chosen not to pursue having quality checks have the chicken and egg argument.

Owner/Operator “Fabricators are responsible for supplying a quality product”

Reality = Owner/Operators pay for rework and schedule delays on site.

Fabricator “We are not compensated to perform laser verification QC and we never fabricate incorrectly”

Reality = Fabrication rework accounts for large portions of project expenses however majority of modifications are never communicated back to fabrication shop or are self-performed on site to protect service company’s reputation.

Those who have chosen to absorb the cost of project verification will testify that few projects have ever been executed as well!

proj verify elements

The system that Becht utilizes has been specifically written for project verification where results are generated with minimal project delay. With this being the intent of the software, Becht can offer a system that offers:

  • Single Person Operation
  • No positioning of spool pieces. (Spools can be surveyed in laydown yard)
  • 20-40 spools surveyed and reported in a work day
  • Any complex design can be loaded into system for verification
  • Complete ANSI flange catalogue loaded in system for flange type conformation
  • Automated “best fit” survey calculations
  • .idf & .pcf spool generated designs, auto downloaded
  • Instant, on-location results



Becht Dimensional Control provides our clients with the following when generating spool reports

  • As-built spool vector error reports
  • As-built spool dimensions
  • Flange face and bolt hole deviances
  • Flange rating conformation
  • Conformation of latest revision fabrication

Project Collaboration

Becht dimensional control department supports many clients by acting as their dimensional verification division where a survey technician and equipment is assigned to a specific client.

Advantages of assigning a specific technician are:

  • Client familiarization with technician
  • Client can mobilize technician to any work place
  • Equipment and Software included in technician rate
  • Technician familiar with client procedures
  • Technician availability guaranteed

Any project task that requires dimensional verification is safely and accurately carried out by a Becht survey technician.

Typical tasks include:

  • Onsite pipe dimensional verification
  • Onsite vessel and equipment dimensional verification
  • Project layout
  • CAD services
  • Offsite pipe fabrication verification
  • Offsite vessel and equipment fabrication verification

For more information about Becht Dimensional Control and how we may assist you, contact us by clicking on the button below:


Contact Becht Dimensional Control

or Call Matt Craig at

Contact Becht Dimensional Control

or Call Matt Craig at

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Despite these advancements, when it comes to the install of piping, it is still like playing Russian roulette on whether the pipe spools will fit or not.

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