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Fired Equipment

Becht Fired Equipment Services

Below are links to the specialized services that Becht offers in the Fired Equipment category.  You may scroll down to view the individual services or click a link of interest.

Refractory Services

becht refractory services

Becht Engineering has broad expertise in refractory and ceramics engineering throughout the petroleum and petrochemical industries including all aspects of refractory lining materials for oil refining and petrochemical applications. Expert experience includes participation in over 100 major refinery and petrochemical plant turnarounds and consulting support for many more.


Becht refractory services include:

  • Refractory selection, design, installation, inspection, installation quality control and dryout.
  • Technology Development and Failure Analyses:
  • Erosion resistant refractories
  • Advanced anchoring systems
  • Quick forming casting techniques
  • Advanced Inspection techniques including laser mapping
  • Repair/replacement criteria and remaining life
  • Hot spot treatment and remediation
  • Mechanical behavior of refractory lined piping
  • Dryout and prevention of explosive spalling

Other areas of experience:

  • Fireproofing
  • Chemical resistant lining materials
  • Hydro-demolition of reactor wall coke
  • Turnaround execution for fluid solids units

Becht’s expertise also includes comprehensive knowledge and application of:

  • API 936 – Refractory Inspection and the Certification Program
  • API 560 - Fired Heaters for General Refinery Service - Refractory Requirements
  • ASTM C704 - Abrasion Resistance of Refractory Materials 


tubesheetBecht specialists cover the range of boiler and fired heater technologies both from the design and operation perspective. Work for clients has included heater performance evaluation, burners/combustion (Low NOX burners) , safety (burner management systems) and, and general mechanical design (tube remaining life prediction,  stack design, tube and tubesheet design). They have a working knowledge of the industry standards API 530 and 560  for tube and fired heater design. They have reviewed contractor/vendor designs for capital projects and provided startup assistance.  


Fired Heaters

Becht Engineering has significant expertise in fired heaters for refinery and petrochemical plant service. Many of our advisors were high level combustion and furnace experts with operating companies before joining Becht Engineering. We have expertise in all aspects of fired heaters including refractory, tube life assessments, burner management systems, fouling issues and furnace efficiency evaluation.  We have evaluated mechanical design aspects and designed improvements, such as correcting tube vibration problems, redesigning tube supports for improved life, and evaluating tubesheet designs.   We have CFD modeling capabilities and other high end tools to help improve fired heater performance at your facility. In addition we have led teams to repair furnaces that have sustained structural damage due to firebox explosions. Recently we were able to repair an olefins cracking furnace with walls bulged 12 to 18 inches due to a firebox explosion. The furnace vendor recommended a multimillion dollar replacement, however we were able to bring the furnace walls and burner alignment back into specification. The furnace is operating satisfactorily today. Becht Engineering can help you solve your critical furnace problems.

Elevated Temperature Design

Becht Engineering has substantial experience and expertise in elevated temperature design. Dr Becht is a member and the former Chairman of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Subgroup on Elevated Temperature Design and has developed elevated temperature design methods that have been incorporated into codes and corporate standards. Included in his work are ASME funded R&D projects to develop new elevated temperature design rules for Section VIII, Divisions 1 and 2.

Becht Engineering has performed many design, analysis and troubleshooting projects for elevated temperature equipment, that is, equipment operating in the creep range for the material of construction. This includes design of equipment at such high temperatures and conditions that the design criteria needed to be developed, as was done for the Marble Hill Nuclear Reactor Annealing project involving 1000°C (1800°F) ducting that was only required to operate for a relatively short duration. These criteria were accepted by authorities such as DOE, NRC and National Labs without comment.

Our expert knowledge has enabled us to develop practical solutions to many elevated temperature problems.


Becht staff includes materials and mechanical engineers with expertise in welding and fabrication of pressure equipment. This includes expertise in heavy wall vessels, welding in difficult circumstances such as the weld repair of embrittled material, and welding of modified 9 chrome steel. In addition, we have designed and evaluated heat treatment plans such as bulls-eye heat treatment for coke drum repairs and heat treatment of new nuclear heat exchangers. This expertise is applied both for new construction and repair.

Metallurgical and Corrosion

Becht staff include over ten senior materials experts with expertise in applications including power, refinining, petrochemical and chemical facilities, and materials including metals, coatings and linings, and nonmetals such as refractories, thermoplastics (e.g., high density polyethylene) and reinforced thermosetting resins (e.g., fiberglass).  Our services include material selection, establishing operating envelopes for equipment, failure analysis, remaining life assessment, and establishing deterioration mechanisms and their associated probabilities for risk based inspection and development of equipment reliability plans.  We are experts in modifications to existing chemical processes to alleviate and control corrosion that allows continued operation of existing equipment.  We are experts in the equipment requirements for processing corrosive crudes (e.g. high TAN crudes such as Doba crude) as well as material applications for high temperature services such as steam cracking furnaces and furnaces to produce synthesis gas.

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  1. Troubleshooting

Becht Fitness For Service

FFS button onFormJust Click the Button

We are organized to quickly and efficiently handle all levels of Fitness-For-Service assessments including rapid response to emergency situations where quick assessments are required to keep a plant running or when damage is found.

For immediate response, contact our FFS coordinator, Magnus Gustafsson (click to email / phone at 571-550-0722) or complete the form. Your form request will go to Mr. Gustafsson, as well as our President, Chuck Becht and General Manager, John Basil.

A quick response is guaranteed!

Finite Element Analysis

Becht Finite Element Analysis
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Becht Engineering has developed a reputation as one of the premier providers of Design-By-Analysis services.  We have a deep reservoir of staff that perfrom finite element analysis using commercial programs such as ABAQUS, ANSYS, SolidWorks and products of Paulin Research Group.  Types of analysis include linear and nonlinear analysis, stress, heat transfer and dynamics including seismic.

Given the many analytical tools available, we are able to choose the most efficient and cost-effective tool for the task at hand; for example, we frequently use non-linear analysis to develop more efficient equipment designs and/or to demonstrate that existing equipment is fit for service. Our extensive code expertise enables us to provide authoritative interpretations of the analysis results. Our experts include such frequently published engineers as Greg Hollinger, Trevor Seipp, and Dr. Charles Becht.