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Becht Heavy Lift

700 ton Regenerator Head LiftBecht Heavy Lift and Heavy Haul Engineering Services support both capital and maintenance projects. Our Crane and Lift Specialists review crane erection and knockdown procedures and monitor procedural and safety practices during the crucial erection and knockdown periods.

Becht Lift professionals design or review lift rigging packages then offer value-based recommendations on crane suitability, economics and safety aspects. In addition, Becht offers independent review of crane maintenance and inspection records and provides independent third party "Cold Eyes Review" of lift packages.  Becht supplies expert witnessing.

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Heavy Lift Services

Becht Heavy Lift professionals include Professional Engineers with lifetime crane and rigging experience along with Lift Advisor Specialists who have been responsible for refinery wide crane lift activities and maintenance programs. They tailor their oversight to the customer's site specific safe lift practices program and suggest program improvements where applicable.  Specific capabilities include Cat Reactor and Regenerator head replacements, Coke Drum and Cutting Deck removals and replacements, Fractionators, Hydrotreater Reactors, Platforming Reactors, Low Sulfur Reactors and Vacuum Tower lifts.

Becht has worked with all major heavy lift contractors, mechanical contractors, major engineering companies and refinery owners all over the world.  Currently, Becht staffs many refineries on long-term consulting assignments along with ongoing reviews and oversight of single lift opportunities.  Becht Heavy Lift Crane Specialists are dedicated to the Becht principle that "We Solve Problems" and take that to the next level by using their many years of accumulated Heavy Lift experience to achieve the result that "We Prevent Problems".  Expert witness testimony offered when necessary.


  • Detailed review of crane contractor lift plans
  • Development of innovative solutions for complex lift situations
  • Preparation of comprehensive lift manuals
  • Development of procedures for crane load test and witness load test
  • Facilitate complete crane inspections
  • Provide detailed survey plans which can be used by the crane vendor to produce precise lift plan drawings
  • On-site evaluation of crane erection, operation and demobilization activities
  • Conduct wind load analysis on suspended objects with large sail areas to evaluate the potential for crane boom side load
  • Complete evaluation of site safe operation plans for cranes
  • Conduct crane safety training for local facilities
  • Evaluate crane foundation designs for safe load bearing capacity
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Expert evaluation of crane accidents and determination of "root-cause" for the incident
  • Design lift lugs, spreader beams and other special lift devices • Conduct structural design and analysis of lifting systems and other associated components
  • Comprehensive review of high capacity Tower cranes


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