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Becht Heavy Lift

700 ton Regenerator Head LiftBecht Heavy Lift and Heavy Haul Engineering Services support both capital and maintenance projects. Our Crane and Lift Specialists review crane erection and knockdown procedures and monitor procedural and safety practices during the crucial erection, lifting and knockdown periods.

TEN QUESTIONS That MUST BE Answered Before Attempting Any Lift!

Heavy Lift

Becht Heavy Lift professionals include Professional Engineers with lifetime crane and rigging experience along with Lift Advisor Specialists who have been responsible for refinery wide crane lift activities and maintenance programs.  They tailor their oversight to the customer's site specific safe lift practices program and suggest program improvements where applicable. 

Becht has worked with all major heavy lift contractors, mechanical contractors, major engineering companies and refinery owners all over the world.  Currently, Becht staffs many refineries on long-term consulting assignments along with ongoing reviews and oversight of single lift opportunities.  Becht Heavy Lift Crane Specialists are dedicated to the Becht principle that "We Solve Problems" and take that to the next level by using their many years of accumulated Heavy Lift experience to achieve the result that "We Prevent Problems". 

Becht Heavy Lift specialists can provide Heavy Lift Plan Engineering Reviews, Heavy Lift Field Supervisors, Crane & Rigging Policy Support, Crane Accident Investigation and Determination of Root Cause, Heavy Lift Training and Safety Audits.

Heavy Lift Plan Engineering Review

Becht Heavy Lift ManualBecht Heavy Lift specialists have extensive experience providing independent 3rd party cold eye reviews of engineered lift plans.  Reviews include ground bearing pressure & load distribution analysis, crane suitability, rigging assemblies and configuration, lift procedures, and personnel qualifications among other items.  Becht’s deliverable is a P.E. Stamped consolidated Heavy Lift Manual (click image left) that is utilized during the heavy lift execution.  Please review our blog that explains our Heavy Lift Manual (click).

A few examples are listed below:1700T Coker Lift th

  • Coker Derrick Lift (image right) – Provided a 3rd party cold eyes review of all lift components for a 1,627 ton lift at 174 foot radius. Additionally provided onsite owner’s field supervision to ensure lift was executed per the plan.
  • Regenerator and Reactor Head Replacement (image top left) – Provided a comprehensive engineering review of the lift plan and provided field oversight for the actual lifts.
  • Alky Unit Acid Settling Tank Replacement – Developed a formal lift study including RFQ’s for the lift contractor pricing.  Interpreted the quotations for the client and made recommendations based on the proposed plans, not just the price.  The selected crane was assembled with the boom in the air, within the unit without the need to remove/replace pipe racks that were in use but not related to the Alky T/A.

Heavy Lift Field Supervisors

Becht Engineering field supervisors typically have over 25 years of experience in the heavy lift industry.  Our field supervisors ensure that a safe lift occurs in accordance with the approved lift plan while validating compliance with current regulations and the Client’s Crane & Rigging policies.  A few examples are listed below:

  • Sulfuric Alkylation Demolition – Becht provided an experienced heavy lift field supervisor for a one year assignment supporting demolition of an out of service sulfuric alkylation unit.

Additionally we provided offsite engineering analysis on an as-needed basis, such as:

  • Hydrocracker Installation (image right) – Becht crane experts provided field oversight for three 1500-ton hydrocracker installations atBecht 1500 ton hydrocracker lift three different plants for the same client. Although the reactors were identical, the logistics at each location presented significant challenges for transporting through the plant and lifting while the adjacent units were in operation.
  • Precision Lifting – 8000hp hyper-motor removal and replacement - Becht was called in to provide direct supervision for the lifting and disassembly of a 95,000-lb. motor assembly. The motor had to be rigged with the rotor floating inside the stator with only a few thousands of an inch between the rotor and the windings. An assembly of spreader bars and chain falls were utilized to support the assembly during hoisting.  The same rigging was used to remove the rotor at ground level and position it for shipment to the repair facility. The repaired components were reassembled and placed back in the unit.  Becht has now completed this operation four times in as many years on different lines in the facility.

Moreover, Becht can provide crane coordinators for complex turn arounds to maximize utilization while assuring safety by reviewing critical lift plans and monitoring routine crane operations.

Crane & Rigging Policy Support

With the implementation of a new OSHA Crane Rule in 2010 many companies are realizing their crane and rigging policies are not compliant.  Becht Engineering’s Heavy Lift team has decades of experience in the heavy lift industry and is integrally involved in applicable industry groups such as the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) and the Crane and Derrick Advisory Committee to OSHA (C-DAC).  Becht supports both corporate and site updates to the Crane & Rigging policies.  Further, we can provide site training on crane & rigging policy roll-outs.  A few examples are listed below:

Corporate Policy Updates

  • Valero Energy
  • PetroLogistics
  • LyondellBasell
  • Holly Frontier
  • Marathon
  • ExxonMobil
  • Tesoro

Crane Accident Investigation

At Becht Engineering, we greatly prefer to be involved prior to heavy lift execution projects to better follow our mission – “We Prevent Problems”.  There are times when we are engaged after an incident has already occurred -- to support crane accident investigation and determination of root cause.  In this case, we bring a fully independent viewpoint to your investigation and incorporate our full engineering services (e.g. mechanical analysis) into the effort.  Additionally, Becht frequently is engaged on engineered support for next steps (e.g. how to safely complete the project post incident).  We can support expert witness work when required.  A few examples of crane accident investigation support are listed below:

  • Major Gulf Coast Crane Failure – Becht determined the root cause for the collapse of a 2500-ton crane that fell inside the refinery and made recommendations to prevent this from reoccurring
  • 200-ton Crawler Crane Loss of Backward Stability in the Chicago area – Becht was engaged to determine the root cause of the crane boom collapse where the 300ft boom toppled into a live unit.

Heavy Lift Training

Becht Engineering has standard, proven training that we can fit for purpose to your site needs. We can provide one to three day training on Crane Competent Person Training – this training is meant to increase the competency of site personnel including safety, operations, projects and others. We have found that an increased awareness of personnel surrounding a heavy lift will significantly improve the chances of catching a misstep such as line of sight issues. Becht can additionally support roll-out of updated crane & rigging policies in conjunction with our Crane Competent Person Training. A few examples are listed below:

Becht has provided specialized crane and rigging training for:

  • LyondellBasell
  • Marathon
  • Valero Energy
  • Phillips 66

Crane Safety Audits

Becht Heavy Lift provides crane safety audits and safety assessments.

panama thA notable safety assessment was done for the new Panama Canal (images left) where they were using over 50-tower cranes and had suffered a fatality due to a mechanical malfunction on one of the tower cranes that had been converted to position a concrete conveyor belt assembly. Becht determined the root cause of the failure and made recommendations to improve over twenty mechanical deviancies on the crane fleet.


More recently, Becht provided a tower crane risk assessment for the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company’s new corporate office complex construction.


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