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Overview of Becht I/E/A Services

There are a number of systems in a large complex processing facility such as a refinery or chemical plant that are classified as "systems". Within Becht Engineering, these systems are addressed within our division titled Instrumentation, Controls, Electrical and Power Distribution and Analyzers (I/E/A). These individual areas cannot be viewed in isolation since they support multiple units within the entire complex. Within I/E/A these support services are grouped into various plant activities as shown below:

capital projects Becht IEA

Capital Projects

  • System or Product Strategy Design and Development
  • Site Ownership Representation or EPC Oversight
  • Non-Process Quality Control (NPQC)
  • Construction and Start-Up
turnaround Becht IEA

Engineering, Operations and Maintenance

  • Instrumentation and Controls Improvement and Reliability
  • Electrical and Power Distribution System Management
  • Analyzer Reliability and Regulatory Issues
  • Due Diligence Review of Incidents or Existing Facility Restart
operations support Becht IEA


  • Planning and Plan Review and Management of I/E/A Disciplines
  • Oversight of Mechanical Repair of Equipment at Vendor Shops
  • Field Shutdown, Mechanical Work and Startup Oversight
  • Staff Augmentation includes
    • Instrumentation Engineers, Technicians, Field Supervisors
    • Controls Engineers – Applications, Systems
    • Power Distribution and Electrical Engineers – 230kv through 480v.
    • Analyzer Engineers and Technicians

Specific Becht I/E/A Services

Instrumentation and Controls

becht instruments and control


Becht has staff from the technician level who can perform loop checks for new facilities to senior staff who have developed or supervised the development of the planning and design documents for facility-wide distributed control systems (DCS) for new systems or system upgrades for implementation by EPC contractors. Many have experience as lead I&CS specialist for the pre-startup checkout and startup of new facilities worldwide.

Our senior specialists have reviewed contractor/vendor I&CS planning and design documents and have participated in Factory Acceptance Tests and Hazard and Operability Reviews (HAZOP) as part of their project support activities. Becht offers a wide range of support from Senior Engineering Advisors to Technicians. These engineering services involve:


  • Safety Instrumented Systems, SIL Analysis and Review
  • HAZOP, Machinery Controls and All Other Process Instrumentation
  • DCS Vendor Analysis, Planning, Design, Upgrades or Retrofits
  • New Technology Knowledge Assessment (e.g. Wireless, IoT)
  • Product/Brand Independence – Advice on What’s Right and NOT What is Represented
  • DCS Applications Development and Experience on all Varieties of DCS Platforms
  • Systems and/or Hardware Support for DCS Systems

Electrical and Power Distribution

becht power supply refineryPower generation and distribution of electricity within the plant and adjacent facilities is reviewed to assess opportunities for more efficient utilization; particularly, when major changes to existing processing units and/or new process units are to be installed.  Review of contractor relay coordination studies, short-circuit analysis, large motor selection, and lightning protection are a number of areas where Becht specialists can provide support.

In addition, a periodic review of the reliability of electrical components and electronic control systems to evaluate opportunities reduces the failure rate or costly preventive maintenance.

Cogeneration of steam and power is highly attractive at most locations to improve energy efficiency and increase reliability of critical steam and power users. Power reliability also is dependent on dual supply and distribution facilities.

Specific services include:

  • Electrical Engineering Support including Motors, Lighting, Cabling, UPS, Lightning Protection, Energy Efficiency
  • Power Distribution System Operability Engineering Support
    • Load Shed Design and Coordination
    • Co-Gen or Electrical Generation Support
    • Substation, Switchgear and Relay Coordination Studies and Support
    • Large Motor Selection and Factory Build Oversight
    • Existing Infrastructure Improvement, New Facilities Development, Design, Construction and Startup Management
  • Existing Plant Support, Turnaround, Disaster Recovery, New Facility Addition, Utility Management

We Treat Power Distribution as an Operating Process Unit (the “Owner’s Perspective”)


becht process analyzer


 Process Analyzers are an integral part of Quality Control; however, they are usually high maintenance. Proper selection and location for response time are critical for accurate results. Locating the analyzer within the process unit must be evaluated against higher installation costs for electrical area classification and environmental considerations versus locating the analyzer remotely in a control environment but perhaps slower response time. Becht Engineering can help you decide!

Specific services include: 



  • Regulatory Issues and Demands
  • Analyzer Technology, Vendor Selection, Design FAT/SAT
  • Sampling System Design, Support, Maintenance
  • Analyzer Shelter Design, Build Oversight and Test
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS) Needs
  • Owner Representative for Any 3rd Party or Vendor Needs
  • Staff Augmentation and Training


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