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Operations Support

Becht Engineering has many senior operations specialists who have retired after long careers with industry majors.  We are capable of supporting a broad range of client needs including training, mentoring, turnaround support, pre-startup checkout, and project execution support.  We can combine operations representatives from multiple levels within the organization to effectively support major capital projects.

Becht’s senior specialists have worked at all levels of owner operator organizations from board operator to operations director.  Having operations specialists who have worked in owner operator organizations for the duration of their careers enables us to provide practical solutions that work.  Becht specialists cover a wide range of areas including:

  • Shutdown & Startup Review
  • Pre-startup Safety Review
  • Process Hazard Analysis
  • HAZOP Support
  • Operating Procedures
  • Project Support
  • Operations Excellence
  • 3D Model Review
  • Training
  • Turnaround Support
  • Staff Augmentation
  • P&ID Review
  • Incident Investigation
  • Mentoring
  • Assessments
  • Chemical Cleaning Audit



Becht operations specialists can provide guidance in Pre-Startup Checkout, Mentoring & Training, Turnaround Support, and Operations Shutdown & Startup Reviews.

Pre-Startup Checkout

Becht senior operations personnel have been engaged to check out new process plants around the world, from the Carribean islands to locations as remote as Kazakhstan, during their construction and prior to operation.  These reviews have identified many issues and enabled their correction prior to startup.  Included in this work are field walkdowns and preparation and review of operating procedures.  A few examples of work Becht Engineering has supported are listed below:

  1. Sulfur Plant Commissioning at International Refinery
  2. Flexicoker Commissioning at Refinery Complex
  3. Lubes Unit Commissioning at International Plant

Mentoring and Training

Many employers are losing experienced operations staff through retirement.  There is a massive age gap in the industry that has left plants exposed to a lack of expertise.  Our personnel have taken long term assignments to mentor and train operations staff.  This has been particularly useful for new facilities and those with high turnover that don’t have seasoned staff available to provide such mentoring. 

  1. Operations Training and Mentoring at International Refinery
  2. Board Operator Training at Canadian Upgrader
  3. One Year Operations Training and Mentoring at Refinery Complex

Turnaround Support

At times, plants do not have sufficient staff to cover all necessary turnaround activities in a prompt fashion.  Becht personnel have helped plan operations activities for turnarounds, support shutdown activities, participate in permit writing and lock out tag out, and support startup. 

  1. Ten Experienced Operators at Gulf Coast Petrochemical Facility
  2. Diesel Hydrofiner Catalyst Change-Out
  3. FCC Turnaround Event Lead Operations Planner

Operations Shutdown & Startup Reviews

Becht Engineering has assisted clients with complete operations shutdown and startup reviews.  Prior to these reviews many clients have seen five or more days slip in turnaround schedules as a result of shutdown & startup delays resulting from poor planning or execution.  There is significant focus on the middle part of a turnaround but the same lost opportunity applies to shutdown & startup timing.  Our reviews include operating procedures, shutdown plan, chemical cleaning plan, operator resource plan, equipment closure plan, waste disposal, and other items contingent upon need.  

  1. Shutdown Review for Canadian Oil Sands Project
  2. Shutdown/Startup Review for Refinery Turnaround
  3. Schedule Optimization for Chemical Complex

Have a question or would like more information on Becht's Operations Support Consulting Services?  You may click the link below for more help.


or Call Derek Becht at
(908) 394-1248

or Call Derek Becht at
(908) 394-1248

Domestic Work

Becht Engineering has supported projects and facilities within every state and province of the US and Canada.  

We have 12 offices throughout the US & Canada.

International Work

Becht Engineering has conducted many international projects. Selected locations are:

  • Central America
  • South America
  • Caribbean
  • Southeast Asia
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Australia