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Becht Engineering has a wide variety of senior specialists covering process safety.  We are capable of supporting a range of client needs from technical subject matter experts for incident investigations to to full process safety compliance and program effectiveness audits.  We routinely combine the services of our technical experts to solve unique problems with multiple facets.

Our senior specialists have worked at all levels of premier owner operator organizations from field operators to general managers.  This enables us to evaluate problems from an owner’s perspective and focus on providing actionable solutions.  Becht Specialists cover a wide range of areas including:

  • Process Hazard Analysis
  • Operating Procedures
  • Training
  • Contractor Management
  • Pre-startup Safety Review
  • Mechanical Integrity
  • Hot Work Permitting
  • Management of Change
  • Incident Investigation
  • Compliance Audits
  • Facility Siting
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safe Operating Envelopes
  • Corrosion Control Documents
  • Shift Communication
  • Risk Management

process safety consulting

Becht process safety specialists can provide guidance in Incident Investigations, Process Hazard Analysis, Compliance and Program Effectiveness Audits, Operations Excellence, and Process Safety Calculations.  See below for explanations of each of these areas.

Incident Investigations

Becht Engineering has a wide range of subject matter experts in process technology, fixed equipment, fired equipment, machinery, materials/corrosion, and instrument/electrical/controls that can supplement an owners’ investigation team.  Utilizing our resources allows the onsite personnel to focus on incident recovery – e.g. recommissioning.  We can provide full cross-functional investigation teams including the lead facilitator on very short notice to expedite incident resolution.  Becht has significant expertise supporting expert witness work when required.

  • FCC Main Air Blower Failure
  • Major Crane Overhaul Accident
  • Tank Floor Separation
  • Pipeline Failure

We can additionally provide post-incident support to manage the rebuild effort for major incidents.  Becht has supported in engineering design, owners’ quality assurance, program development (equipment standards, PSI documentation, bad actor list, etc), and owners’ onsite engineering and field services.

Process Hazard Analysis

Facilities are required by OSHA 1910 Process Safety Management (PSM) to revalidate Process Hazard Analysis on a five year basis.  Frequently sites struggle with junior process engineers being assigned to support the PHA with a facilitator and senior operations specialist.  Becht Engineering can provide technical subject matter experts, such as a Hydrocracking Process Specialist, to support PHA revalidations.  We can additional have Machinery, Mechanical, Instrument/Electrical, and other disciplines support PHA onsite or remotely.   

  • Hydrocracker PHA Revalidation – Process SME
  • Fired Heater PHA Support (Post Major Incident)
  • Propane Dehydrogenation PHA Facilitation
  • Methanol Storage Risk Assessment

Compliance & Program Effectiveness Audits

Process Safety Management (PSM) was officially born in 1991; however, many facilities still struggle to meet basic compliance measures required by OSHA.  Becht Engineering has a wide array of expertise including heritage operations personnel, PSM department managers, and plant managers that have implemented process safety management measures at all levels.  Becht can provide two primary auditing services; basic compliance audit and program effectiveness audit.  Program effectiveness audits deep dive into specific programs for understanding of gaps versus effective industry practice.  We have personnel available to maintain site presence to drive gap closure post audit. 

  • Fourteen Element PSM Audit for Major Petrochemical Plant
  • Mechanical Integrity Audit for Lubes Facility
  • LPG Terminal Fourteen Element PSM Audit
  • Pipeline Mechanical Integrity Audit

Operations Excellence

Process Safety consists of more than just OSHA mandated requirements.  There has been a recent push to focus on operations excellence which includes safe operating limits, safety critical information, operating procedures, operator rounds, and other areas.  Examples of services Becht Engineering has provided are listed below:

  • Site-wide CCD/IOW Generation for Refinery
  • Staffed 10 Operations Personnel for Refinery T/A
  • Developed Mechanical Integrity System for Lubes Facility
  • Operations Training Advisor at Refinery

Process Safety Calculations

Becht Engineering can prepare process safety calculations to design or audit equipment.  In addition, we can act as an owner’s advocate to monitor ongoing projects in the contractor’s office to assure quality control and minimize investment and engineering costs.  Becht can provide consequence-based and risk-based facility siting studies to bring sites within compliance with API RP 752.  Some examples of services provided to clients are provided below:

  • Vacuum Tower Fire Damage Assessment for International Refinery
  • Chemical Plant Leak Definition & Modeling
  • Relief Valve Sizing for Chemicals Plant Tank Complex
  • Lubes Facility Siting Study

Have a question or would like more information on Becht's Process Safety Consulting Services?  You may click the link below for more help.


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Domestic Work

Becht Engineering has supported projects and facilities within every state and province of the US and Canada.  

We have 12 offices throughout the US & Canada.

International Work

Becht Engineering has conducted many international projects. Selected locations are:

  • Central America
  • South America
  • Caribbean
  • Southeast Asia
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Australia

PSM Implementation & Compliance

white hat refinery

The Process Safety Management rule (PSM), OSHA 1910.119, was implemented in the early 90’s, more than 20 years ago. Implementation was driven by a number of tragic accidents in the process industry. However, despite the long history of the rule and multiple preventable, catastrophic incidents, many companies still have not fully implemented PSM. Companies that have implemented the PSM rule often find it very challenging to maintain compliance. 

Becht Engineering has conducted numerous PSM, due diligence and mechanical integrity audits and discovered deficiencies in PSM compliance. We have even discovered major gaps in some facilities that have done well during OSHA audits. These plants were generally located where there are limited numbers of hydrocarbon and chemical processing facilities. OSHA simply lacked the local resources and skills to perform adequate audits...“flying under the regulatory radar screen.”