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Becht Training

ASME Section VIII, Division 2 - Part 5, Design-By-Analysis #28957 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

From Monday, May 18, 2020 -  08:00am
To Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 04:30pm
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Course Venue - Deerfoot Inn & Casino - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Course Fee - US$2,400 US$2,160

Becht's 4 day Design-By-Analysis course will introduce participants to the Design-By-Analysis portion of the ASME code Section VIII, Division 2, Part 5. Based on the rules and guidance provided in Part 5, this course is a comprehensive introduction to the requirements of performing Design-By-Analysis to the ASME Code. This course provides detailed instruction on performing finite element analysis in compliance with the Code. Examples problems are presented and discussed for many of the common rules. This course is intended for engineers who are familiar with pressure vessel and piping design, and need additional guidance on applying Design-By-Analysis concepts.

Who Should Attend? This course is intended for engineers who are familiar with pressure vessel and piping design, and need additional guidance on applying Design-By-Analysis concepts.  It is also intended for engineers who specify and review Design-By-Analysis work by others.  Experience in using finite element analysis will be helpful, but is not necessary.

Key Topics covered include:

  1. General Philosophy: Protection Against Failure Modes
  2. Load Conditions and Load Case Combinations
  3. Protection Against Plastic Collapse
    • Elastic Analysis
      • Linearization of Stress Results for Stress Classification
    • Limit Analysis
    • Elastic-Plastic Analysis
      • Elastic-Plastic Stress-Strain Curve Development
  4. Protecxtion Against Local Failure
  5. Protection Against Collapse from Buckling
  6. Protection Against Failure from Cyclic Loading: Ratcheting
    • Elastic Analysis
    • Elastic-Plastic Analysis
  7. Protection Against Failure from Cyclic Loading: Fatigue
    • Screening for exemption from fatigue analysis
    • Elastic Fatigure Analysis
    • Elastic-Plastic Fatigue Analysis
  8. Protection Against Failure from Cyclic Loading: Fatigue of Weldments
    • Fatigue Strength Reduction Factor
    • Structural Stress Method
  9. Histogram Developments and Cycle Counting for Fatigue Analysis
  10. Introduction to Part 4 - Design By Rules
  11. FEA and Reports Discussion, including Compliance with AB-520

 Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate for attending 24 hours of professional development.



Trevor Seipp, P.Eng., 
Division Manager, Becht Engineering Canada, Ltd.











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Location Deerfoot Inn & Casino, 1000, 11500 35 Street SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2Z 3W4

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