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Matthew Caserta is a registered professional engineer in the states of Ohio and Texas and has over 15 years of a wide breadth of engineering experience in chemical processing, oil refining, and consulting.  Mr. Caserta's varied background provides unique insights into process interactions, equipment reliability and corrosion and materials... concerns.  The past 10 years of Mr. Caserta's career has focused on fixed equipment reliability and inspection, as well as Mechanical Integrity.  He has been involved in risk-based inspection assessments, mechanical integrity audits, and process engineering.  He has a strong knowledge of damage mechanisms through practical experience.  He has experience as a Chief Inspector planning and executing turnarounds, supervising day-to-day inspection needs, and managing projects.  More

Are Your Heaters Affecting Your Reliability?

From a process standpoint, your Fired Equipment items are not only some of the most critical but some of the most risky items in day-to-day operations. Add in the presence of open flames and failures can be dramatic.  In today’s refining climate, fired equipment is required to run 4, 5, 6 or even 7 years between outages.  To achieve a reliable operation for runs of this length, a solid shutdown, maintenance, inspection, repair, and start-up strategy is critical. Recently a Midwest refinery contracted Becht Engineering to complete a detailed review of their fired equipment for an upcoming turnaround.  Becht used a team of experienced refining experts to provide an in-depth review of more than a dozen fired equipment items.  To provide a holistic approach, Becht utilized experts with backgrounds in process engineering, heat transfer, mechanical integrity, inspection, and operations.  The goal of the review was to ensure the fired equipment...
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