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Becht Engineering News

Receive Becht's latest news.  This is the main newsletter for Becht Engineering.

Becht Engineering Newsletter - March 2019Sent on 13 March 2019Becht announces Gene Roundtree and Vince Carucci & Lori Carucci Join the company; Becht launches 'Becht Technical Solutions'; Becht Blog 'Crane Mats of the Future'; Becht Blog 'Normalization of Deviance'; Becht Blog 'Elastic Follow-up Can Result in Failures in Systems...'; Becht on the Road this upcoming period.
Becht Engineering Newsletter - December 2018Sent on 09 December 2018Becht receives QA job in Pipeline Heartland Petro project; Bobby Wright joins Becht; API Inspection summit; Bolinger receives award; Blog - Heavy Lift/Dimensional control; Blog - FCC Transfer line flexibility; Blog - REAC's duplex stainless steel; Blog - Chloride contamination in refineries
Becht Engineering Newsletter - July 2018Sent on 18 July 2018Oceana Project; RCFA Blog; Becht attending ASME conference; Trevor Seipp named ASME Fellow; Super Heavy Lift Blog; Novel Technology Feature Project
Becht Engineering Newsletter - March 2018Sent on 12 March 2018Becht Acquires Fronek Power; Becht Opens New Houston Office; Becht Boosts Mechanical Engineering Expertise. Blogs - Floating Roof Maintenance; RCFA Reliability Improvements; Heaters Affecting Reliability
Becht Engineering Newsletter - August 2017Sent on 01 August 2017Brant Aggus joins Becht; ASME Boiler Week/Becht Experts; Becht updates FFS Software; ASME PVP in Hawaii; FFS Changes in API 579-1 to 2016 Edition; Due Diligence-Front end loading for plant acquisitions; Process Safety Mgt & You; Refrigerated Storage Tanks Integrity
Becht Engineering Newsletter - March 2017Sent on 02 March 2017Raising the Bar on 3D Scanning; Becht Introduces a New FFS Software Tool; Becht Training intro's Virtual Training in 2nd half of 2017; Welcome Matt Caserta to the team; Piping Settlement Tool; Mean Time Between Pump Repairs; RBWS Tool for TurnArounds; Storage Tanks Floating Roof Maintenance
Becht Engineering Newsletter - December 2016Sent on 23 December 2016Becht to attend API Inspection Summit; Physical 3D Models returning to use; Becht Training courses for 2017 published; 4 Technical Articles including Dimensional Control Pipe Spool QC Survey, Cooling Tower Fan Vibration, Mentoring Young Process Engineers and Importance of Codes & Standards.
Becht Engineering Newsletter - August 2016Sent on 06 August 2016Derek Paterson joins Becht in Dimensional Control; IRISNDT; ASME B31.3 Changes in 2016; Modern Carbon Steel Risks Brittle Fracture; Becht works Mushrooms in new process strategies
Becht Engineering Newsletter - May 2016Sent on 02 May 2016AFPM and PVP Conferences; PSM Implementation; Check valves oft forgotten; Estimating Creep Life of Fluid Catalytic CrackerEstimating Creep Life of Fluid Catalytic Cracker
Becht Engineering Newsletter - February 2016Sent on 18 February 2016John Justus joins Becht; 2015 is a very safe year for Becht; Articles about Mitigating T/A Discovery Risk; Nat Gas Time to Convert; RBWS Focus on T/A Exellence; Capturing the Reliability Prize
Becht Engineering Newsletter - November 2015Sent on 17 December 2015Mecca Crane Accident [Collins]; Repair vs Replace [D. Becht]; FCC Replacement Parts [Ranjan]; Shaft Fatigue Failure [St. Blanc]; Changing Your Crude Slate [Giesbrecht]
Becht Engineering Newsletter - September 2015Sent on 01 October 2015Clyde Neely ASME Award; State Approval of Pressure Vessels; BIDES; Process Centrifugal Compressor Oil Seals; Determining "Life" of Bulged Coke Drum; Black Boxes on Cranes - Useful Tool or Liability?
Becht Engineering Newsletter - July 2015Sent on 20 August 2015Seipp Receives ASME Award; Derek Becht joins Becht Engineering; Shaft Fatigue Failures; Reliability Gap Assessment; How to Hire the Right Lift Director; BBO Safety Success and more Presentations & Publications by Becht
Becht Engineering Newsletter - April 2015Sent on 16 June 2015Paula Lazer named CFO of Year; ASME B31.3 Changes; Becht Due Diligence; Becht's New HTHA Service Inspection Method; OSHA Crane Certification
Becht Training Announcement - January 2015Sent on 10 January 2015Becht Training offerings include Intro to Compress, ASME Section VIII, Div 1 with Compress and B31.3 Process Piping among others
Becht Newsletter - Summer 2014Sent on 29 July 2014
Becht Newsletter - February 2014Sent on 20 February 2014
Becht Newsletter - Fall 2013Sent on 05 November 2013
Becht Newsletter - Summer 2013Sent on 18 September 2013
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