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Recent Becht News

Becht’s Matthew Craig to Speak at SPAR3D Expo and Conference

matt craig becht opt

Matthew Craig, Senior Advisor for Dimensional Technology Services, will be presenting on several topics at the upcoming SPAR3D Expo & Conference at the Anaheim Convention Center May 21st-23rd, which include:

  • - Preparing for Change: Beyond BIM to Digital Twin, Machine Learning & AI
  • - Fundamentals of 3D Technologies: Selecting 3D Technologies for Reality Capture
  • - Fundamentals of 3D Technologies: Considerations for In-House Vs. Outsourcing Your 3D Tech

In their own words, SPAR3D Expo & Conference is the premier international event for the application of 3D technology in industry.

See Conference listing for exact times & dates (click)

Becht Engineering Aquires Dynamic Performance Management (DPM)

Becht Engineering Announces Acquisition of Dynamic Performance Management to Bring Greater SME Knowledge and Proven Resource Management to the Refining, Petrochemical and Power Generation Industries

dynamic performance management logoBecht Engineering (Becht) and Dynamic Performance Management (DPM) have joined forces to help our clients solve their performance problems. Becht Engineering has made a name for itself as the industry leader in specialty engineering services providing continued support to 90% of the refineries in the United States & Canada and internationally in South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and other locations. DPM has pioneered a novel methodology in delivering performance improvement and technical training. By solidifying their training department expertise, Becht is now poised to service their clients throughout the lifecycle of their business in Operations, Maintenance and Technical (Engineering) departments.  This partnership, the newly formed Becht Performance Group, a division of Becht Engineering, brings incredible benefits to both current and future clients as they diagnose, assess and manage their most important resources – their people.

Derek Becht, Vice President of Maintenance and Projects said, “We are thrilled about the opportunities that our acquisition of DPM provides. We’ve seen a significant threat in the industry from the lack of institutional knowledge transfer from the retiring workforce.  Our combined service offerings have expanded to enable Becht to deliver exceptional organizational strategy and resource training powered by world class subject matter experts.”

In partnering with Becht, DPM has already leveraged SMEs in operations, maintenance, and engineering to deliver customized assessment and training programs, domestically and internationally. “We’re addressing the resource gap between the experienced work force and early career staff with a structured approach to capturing and transferring knowledge using effective techniques. We’ve proven out the partnership concept and we’re excited about the quiet successes we’ve already had. Now it’s time to drive real change in the way our industry thinks about performance improvement,” said Gordon Swett, President of DPM.  “The Becht Performance Group, will deliver an unparalleled level of service and expertise to our clients.”

Becht on the Road - March 2019

Over the next couple months, Becht Engineering will be attending the following conferences:

AFPM Annual Meeting

Several members of Becht leadership will be attending the conference, including Charles Becht IV, Charles Becht V, and Derek Becht.

Ethylene Producers Conference (part of the AIChE Annual Spring Meeting)

Esteban Cesan of Sonomatic will be presenting a co-authored paper with Charles Becht IV, “Overview of ASME PCC-2 Piping Repair Methods and Associated Novel Inspection Techniques

  • Additionally, Becht will be exhibiting at the conference.

Refcomm 2019

Mike Kimbrell will be presenting “Addressing Increased Fouling Rates in Delayed Coker Heaters – A Case Study Identifying the Factors Behind the Increased Fouling Rates

  • Additionally, Becht will be exhibiting in Booth #91, so be sure to stop by!

AFPM Reliability and Maintenance

Abby King and Pam Sherman of HollyFrontier will be presenting “Risk Based Work Selection – Optimizing Work Scopes to Improve Turnaround Performance” and Fred Lea, Jr. will be presenting “Impact of Performance Improvement of the Machinery/Reliability Group on Plant Performance.”

  • Be sure to stop by the Becht booth at #1419!

Becht Announces Launch of Becht Technical Solutions

Becht Engineering Co., Inc. is excited to announce a new service to the industry, called Becht Technical Solutions. This initiative is an expansion of our core missions “We solve problems” and “Engineering from an Owner’s perspective.” Becht Technical Solutions is made up of three key focus areas, Central Engineering Support, Multi-discipline Subject Matter Expert Support, and a soon to be released Smartphone application.  All combined, Becht provides practical, innovative, and actionable solutions delivering reliability, safety and profit to our clients. 

Central Engineering Support

Central Engineering Support is an ideal on-demand technical resource to answer the “How do I…”, “What if I…”, and “Why does…” questions from plant personnel.  Becht’s Central Engineering program also supports a cold-eye reviewer, troubleshooting advisor, and brief onsite resource on an as-needed basis. This program gives you direct access to Becht Engineering Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and reduces the level of effort required to activate technical assistance. The service is intended to cover brief interactions between a client’s technical and managerial personnel and Becht’s engineering and technology resources. Becht’s technical support clients have found the service to be valuable, given the benefit received versus the modest cost. The program gives your team access to world class resources on call just about at any time, but only paying for it when the service is needed (without a “take or pay” arrangement). 

Multi-discipline Subject Matter Expert Support

Becht Engineering has multiple Subject Matter Experts covering every discipline that a refinery, petrochemical, or chemical plant may need and can work as an integrated team to support client needs. Areas of expertise include fixed, fired, and rotating equipment, corrosion/materials/integrity management, process technology specialists, process safety and mechanical integrity, reliability, operations and turnarounds specialists, and heavy lift engineering instrumentation, electrical, and analyzers. We combine this expertise to offer Central Engineering Support, as well as Unit Health Assessments, Project Quality Assurance, Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA), and troubleshooting. This broad expertise, allows us to evaluate the most challenging issues in industry and come up with solutions.

Phone Application

The soon-to-be-released phone application will provide our partner clients with a new level of speedy and direct access to our Subject Matter Experts.  With this application, clients will be able to access Becht by phone, email, and directly through the app. The phone app is forum based, which allows for knowledge capture and discussion, allowing clients to access a library of past experiences. Additionally, the Smartphone app will better aid administrative tracking of questions and responses.

Becht Technical Solutions ties together all of Becht’s engineering expertise and delivers it to our clients to solve their problems. What differentiates us is not just the expertise, but the depth and number of experienced resources that we can combine to offer multi-discipline solutions.

Becht Engineering Welcomes Gene Roundtree, Vince Carucci And Lori Carucci To The Family

Their decades of technical knowledge and wisdom add even greater depth to Becht’s already unrivaled team of Subject Matter Experts.

Becht Engineering has experienced outstanding growth over the past few years, and continues to solidify its position as the premier provider of multi-discipline Central Engineering services and serving in the owners’ role for Maintenance, Projects and Turnarounds.

roundtree geneWe are pleased to announce that Gene Roundtree joined the Becht team on February 14th, 2019.  Gene was the founder and President of Tree Line Consulting, formed in 2013, after his extensive career with ExxonMobil.  Tree Line provided subject matter expert consulting services to the Refining and Petrochemical Industries.  Over the next two months, Gene’s team of 26 experts will be integrated into the Becht family.  Tree Line’s fusion into Becht will enhance our expertise in the areas of Process Technology Support, Project Development, Automation and Control, Safety Engineering, Mergers & Acquisitions, Licensing, Chemistry and many others.  Gene said that, “I am excited by the prospects of offering a broad range of consulting services and programs to industry through Becht Engineering and I look forward to working as a member of the Becht Business Development team.”

carucci vinceWe are equally excited to announce that Vince and carucci loriLori Carucci joined Becht Engineering on February 13th, 2019.  Vince left ExxonMobil in 1986 at the same time as Chuck IV (President, Becht Engineering), and Lori and Vince started Carmagen Engineering.  They built Carmagen into a well-recognized and respected provider of specialty engineering consulting and technical training services to the refining industry for over 30 years since its inception in 1986.  Carmagen was acquired by the Mistras Group in 2013.  Vince and Lori bring decades of experience in technical subject matter expert support that further enhance the quality of services we deliver to the Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical Industries. Lori Carucci said that “Vince and I look forward to working with the Becht business development team to help further Becht’s growth.”  Vince Carucci said that “I’m excited about working with Chuck IV again and the rest of the Becht team, especially since we have similar backgrounds and the same philosophy of providing technical support to clients.”

Derek Becht, Vice President of Maintenance and Projects said, “We are thrilled about the opportunities from Gene, Vince and Lori joining the team.  We’ve seen a significant loss of experience and  knowledge in industry over the past few years from a retiring workforce.  Becht is committed to helping our clients fill this knowledge gap, and these latest additions to the team will help us go a long way in doing so.”

We invite you to reach out to see what Becht Engineering can do for you.

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Mon Jun 10 @ 8:00AM - 04:30PM
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ASME Section VIII, Division 1 Design with COMPRESS Training Course - Houston, TX
Texas Training and Conference Center, 11490 Westheimer Rd, Suite 600, Houston, Texas, 77077