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Harold G. Clem, Jr.; Charles Becht IV, Ph.D., P.E.

lined equip weldingBecht Engineering was awarded a project by the Materials Technology Institute (MTI) to develop a lining repair guidebook for owners of equipment lined with various generic types of polymeric lining materials and systems. The objective of this project was to provide guidance on the suitability of the lined equipment for repair, specific repair techniques for various lining materials and systems, and methods of assessment of the integrity of repaired equipment.

This guide is divided into 11 Sections and 5 Appendices. Sections 1-3 contain information applicable to all linings, while Sections 4-9 and 11 describe the repair of various generic types of lining systems. Detailed technical information on specific subjects such as thermoplastic welding and repair, and spark testing of lining systems are featured in Appendices. Key highlights and features of the guide are outlined below:

• The guide addresses the repair of the liner. Evaluation and repair of the pressure boundary or structural portion of lined equipment is not within the scope of this document. This pertains to lined metal equipment and the structural fiberglass overlay in dual laminate equipment. Repair of lining systems and concrete substrates are discussed in Section 11 – Sumps and Trenches.

• The assessment of lined equipment, inspection of in-service lined equipment, tables of in-service lining conditions and repair recommendations, and the general failure analysis of linings are discussed in Section 2 - Assessment, Inspection, and Engineering Analysis.

• Sections 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 each feature a table showing typical in-service lining conditions / defects and lining repair recommendations. Lining repair specifications, proof tests, and captioned step-by-step digital photographs of representative lining repair demonstrations conducted at leading lining supplier/installation companies are also included.

 This project was completed in August 2009. The "Guide for the Repair and Modification of Lined Equipment" is scheduled to be published by the Materials Technology Institute as part of a "Repair Manual Series" in 2010.