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Becht rododynamic designHigh speed turbomachinery necessitates a thorough understanding of the machines lateral and torsional rotordynamic behavior to ensure long term safe and reliable operation.  Not only is this essential when specifying, or procuring new equipment, but it is also important in any machinery re-rates, or rotating equipment component upgrades.  Becht engineers are intimately aware of and share the end-users concerns about ensuring safe, predictable machine behaviour and high reliability.

Becht offers review of OEM and 3rd party lateral and torsional rotordynamics analysis. In our experience, an independent lateral and torsional rotordynamic analysis is often the only way to identify errors or oversights in the vendor’s analysis, which are not uncommon. Overlooking turbomachinery rotordynamic behavior, or incomplete/incorrect rotordynamic analysis can result in a protracted “crisis” situation, which is often not readily corrected without major re-design. The resulting schedule delays and lost production can adversely limit plant operation and project profitability.  Close attention to machine lateral and torsional rotordynamic behavior is essential to achieving trouble-free reliable high speed machinery operation.

Becht Fitness For Service

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We are organized to quickly and efficiently handle all levels of Fitness-For-Service assessments including rapid response to emergency situations where quick assessments are required to keep a plant running or when damage is found.

For immediate response, contact our FFS coordinator, Magnus Gustafsson (click to email / phone at 571-550-0722) or complete the form. Your form request will go to Mr. Gustafsson, as well as our President, Chuck Becht and General Manager, John Basil.

A quick response is guaranteed!

Finite Element Analysis

Becht Finite Element Analysis
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Becht Engineering has developed a reputation as one of the premier providers of Design-By-Analysis services.  We have a deep reservoir of staff that perfrom finite element analysis using commercial programs such as ABAQUS, ANSYS, SolidWorks and products of Paulin Research Group.  Types of analysis include linear and nonlinear analysis, stress, heat transfer and dynamics including seismic.

Given the many analytical tools available, we are able to choose the most efficient and cost-effective tool for the task at hand; for example, we frequently use non-linear analysis to develop more efficient equipment designs and/or to demonstrate that existing equipment is fit for service. Our extensive code expertise enables us to provide authoritative interpretations of the analysis results. Our experts include such frequently published engineers as Greg Hollinger, Trevor Seipp, and Dr. Charles Becht.