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BechtRBWS Online Software for Risk-Based Work Selection

STRAITSScreenShotThe Risk-Based Work Selection (RBWS) Process is considered to be an Industry Best Practice and is used to plan, schedule, and execute routine maintenance work. The BechtRBWS online software is designed to facilitate RBWS to envelop the work scope for major turnarounds and plant shutdowns.. The software is used during the RBWS planning meetings by the facilitator and team to review the information required to make scope determinations for tasks during a turnaround (or other maintenance event). It also helps to prioritize work and ensure that maintenance resources are used in a cost-effective manner to mitigate health, safety, environmental (HSE) and financial risks in an operating facility.

The RBWS assessment is accomplished by using a structured process with a cross functional team presence to assess individual tasks in a TA Worklist. The outcome of this assessment yields a fully justified TA Work Scope, which is cost effective and ensures that all unacceptable equipment risks are mitigated. This process also ensures that the risks of unplanned equipment outages for the planned run-length are minimized.

All data can be imported from and exported to an Excel workbook. BechtRBWS can work with any conventionally defined risk matrix.