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  • Vice President - Engineering

    Chuck Becht VMr. Becht is a mechanical and nuclear engineer with expertise in FEA and thermo-hydraulics modeling and analysis. His experience ranges from developing new designs meeting code requirements, failure investigation and repair, and FFS assessments.

    In the hydraulic area, his work includes the study of NRC issues related to entrapped gases in liquid lines, for which he developed hydraulics models and analysis

  • 2 to 3 Day Course

    Instructor: George Antaki, P.E. and Tony Scribner, P.E.

    The course explains the technical basis of the ASME XI wall thinning corrosion code cases N-513 and N-597, and then applies the Code Cases to a series of actual corrosion patterns. The application covers all aspects of the assessment: Inspection methods, collection of necessary design data, prediction of corrosion rate and future wall loss, evaluation in accordance with the Code Cases, and options on what to do if the corrosion does not qualify. The participants will receive a MathCad module to perform hands-on application problems.


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  • Division (Pono) Manager, Metallurgical and Corrosion


    Mr. Buchheim is a recognized industry expert in damage mechanisms, sulfidation, wet H2S cracking, creep, HTHA, fire assessment, IOW’s, corrosion reviews, RBI, and FFS assessments. With his over 33years of experience, he has been involved in all aspects of materials engineering including corrosion prevention, failure analysis, fire damage assessment and fitness-for-service assessments in the entire range of fixed equipment primarily in refineries, but also petrochemical units and upstream facilities.

  • clem2012Harold G. Clem, Jr. has over 30 years of experience in corrosion engineering and materials of construction based upon his long-term career with Union Carbide Corporation.  As an Engineering Technologist, Mr. Clem was responsible for developing standards and specifications for External Painting and Coatings, Internal Coatings and Linings, Thermal Insulation, and Non-Metallic Materials of Construction.   He provided technical support in these technology areas for capital projects,

  • Jim McLaughlinJim McLaughlin has over 30 years experience in materials engineering in the petroleum industry working with Chevron, Exxon and ExxonMobil.  He has been involved in all aspects of materials engineering including corrosion prevention, failure analysis, fire damage assessment and fitness-for-service assessments in the entire range of equipment in refineries, petrochemical units and upstream facilities. In addition to serving as a lead technical

  • ScribnerMr. Lyman (Tony) Scribner is a recognized authority in Materials Engineering and Corrosion Control in the Chemical Process Industries. He has thirty-nine years of experience in failure analysis, materials selection, design of equipment to minimize corrosion, troubleshooting and process modifications to minimize corrosion.

  • mary2014Mary Buchheim has 20 years of engineering consulting experience in the petroleum refining industry. Her activities range from energy conservation projects, software evaluation, to project management of proprietary software products, and managing engineering practices. She has developed the software requirements specifications for several proprietary software products, developed administrative and user documentation, as well as performed software QA/QC for various technical software programs.

  • Group Head Corrosion Control Documents (CCDs) & Inspection Specialists

    caserta mattMatthew Caserta is a registered professional engineer in the states of Ohio and Texas and has over 15 years of a wide breadth of engineering experience in chemical processing, oil refining, and consulting.  Mr. Caserta's varied background provides unique insights into process interactions, equipment reliability and corrosion and materials concerns.  The past 10 years of Mr. Caserta's career has focused on fixed equipment reliability

  • bolinger steveSteve is a recognized industry expert in Mechanical Integrity, Inspection and Corrosion Engineering.  During his 35 years of Mechanical Integrity experience he has been involved with all aspects of Mechanical Integrity including developing and implementing Inspection and Mechanical Integrity programs for several refineries, Mechanical Integrity site audits, materials selection, failure analysis, and Fitness-for-Service evaluation.  He has primarily focused on refineries but has also worked at Petrochemical sites and upstream facilities.

  • giesbrecht waltWalt is an industry expert in the understanding of the impact of refining environments and how the damage mechanisms effect the many different materials utilized in a typical refinery. Walt has extensive experience in evaluations dealing with sulfidation, wet H2S cracking, HTHA, and the assessment of environment assisted cracking in the refining, chemical production and ethanol plants. He has extensive experience in creating IOW’s, CCD’s and conducting corrosion reviews as part of RBI projects assessments.

    With his over 35 years of materials/corrosion/inspection experience,