Causal Analysis

Our cross-functional teams visit the facility, interview appropriate personnel and review documentation in order to independently analyze cause. Becht’s team is highly experienced in their respective fields bringing focused knowledge where required – e.g. petrochemical high-pressure compressor seal expertise.  Becht’s deliverable is a consolidated report of findings and supporting documentation.

Owner’s Project Support

Becht provides services in the area of capital projects from front-end engineering through startup.  Becht’s many staff, field, and management resources help ensure a successful project in terms of safety, budget, schedule, and quality. We have staffed project team positions within an owner’s organization by filling positions such as project and construction managers, construction safety, project engineers and process operators.  Many of the staff are retirees – consulting with us after long careers with industry majors.  They are available to participate in constructability reviews and progress assessments, fill short term gaps or staff longer-term roles. Given the depth and breadth of our large resource pool, we can fill positions with specialists who have specific experience in the unit(s) under maintenance or construction.


Becht can provide resources with an owner’s perspective to help ensure your turnaround is successful with respect to safety, quality, cost and schedule.  We have seasoned professionals and work processes to successfully manage, plan, review and supervise plant turnarounds.  Becht has provided up to 32 owner’s resources on major turnaround efforts in the past.


Becht Nuclear Services serves the nuclear industry and provides expert engineering support in the areas of mechanical and structural analysis, qualification, and integrity assessments, resolution of materials, corrosion and welding issues, thermo-hydraulics analysis, transients and vibration diagnostics and resolution, life extension, equipment qualification, fracture analysis, and accident analysis.

Becht Nuclear Services provides immediate, around-the-clock support in helping operating plants resolve mechanical and structural integrity issues, in a safe and reliable manner.

Led by George Antaki, PE, Becht Nuclear Services Chief Engineer the Becht Nuclear Services staff consists of foremost industry experts in mechanical and structural engineering, corrosion, metallurgy, and welding.  We pride ourselves in solving problems and preventing their recurrence in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The Nuclear Services staff are located in Aiken, South Carolina; Richland, Washington; and Liberty Corner, New Jersey.

Equipment Consulting

Becht engineers have expertise with most types of equipment found in the oil & gas production, refining, petrochemical, chemical, industrial gas and power industries:

– Fixed Equipment such as Piping, Valves, Pressure Vessels and Tankage;
– Fired Equipment such as Boilers and Fired Heaters; and
– Rotating Equipment (or Machinery) such as Compressors, Pumps and Turbomachinery.

Becht’s typical approach when managing Equipment Consulting projects is to bring a User’s/Owner’s perspective to address all  aspects of the equipment life cycle – from new equipment specifications for projects through engineering, procurement, construction, startup and beyond.  We consult in areas such as process and mechanical performance, maintenance, reliability, fitness-for-service and troubleshooting.  Most of our engineering staff held senior technical positions in the central engineering organizations of large multinational corporations that purchased, operated and maintained a wide range of equipment in their facilities. As such, Becht is well positioned to offer our clients all of the equipment-related services in the major areas listed below.  To view a detailed listing of each area of Becht Equipment Consulting services, click an area below


Becht has extensive experience and expertise in the design and analysis of mechanical components, including those for very severe environments such as very high temperatures and pressures. The coupling of extensive design experience and analysis capability enables us to take on the most challenging design projects. Added to this mix is our extensive experience in the relevant codes and standards, as we have participated in and chaired many of the committees that are responsible for those that govern the design of this equipment.

Technical Training

Becht employs several hundred senior specialists, serving the process and energy industries. Many of Becht’s specialists are also experienced instructors, with numerous years of experience in mentoring and teaching other professionals. Becht specialists teach a variety of technical courses around the world and are industry experts, who have spent their careers in pace setting owner-operator organizations.

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