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Rotating Equipment – Shaft Alignment Basics

Shaft alignment is likely the most misunderstood facet of rotating installation and maintenance. Most shaft alignment today is done by laser alignment tools. But, the laser alignment tools are a “black box”. The problem with a black box is that you only get outputs with no knowledge of what is going on inside the box. […]

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Winners, Losers and Everything In Between – Planning for Sustainability

In the final installment of the Winners, Losers, and Everything In Between series, we address “Planning for Sustainability”. What is sustainability and how does one plan for it? Sustainability relates to: Reduced usage of water and general carbon, Lower greenhouse gas emissions, and Enhanced recycling and reuse, both corporately and individually. In order to plan […]

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Improving Fixed Bed Naphtha Reformer Catalyst Regeneration

Background Refiners have been reforming naphtha to improve its octane or to produce aromatic chemicals since the 1930s. Initially the desired chemical reactions were achieved in Thermal Reformers without the use of catalyst by simply heating the naphtha to about 540°C (1000°F) to “crack” non-aromatics out of the naphtha boiling range. This was effective but […]

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Using LP Models To Sharpen Aim At Hydrocarbon Supply Chain Target

It’s time that we shift our focus away from the doom, the gloom, the fear, and the uncertainty of today’s industry news. Flip to the Comics section for a moment in your mind. In the first panel, picture a distraught teenager, feeling alone. In the next panel, we see that teenager’s astonished face as The […]

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Chuck Becht IV Honored By NJBIZ With ICON Award

Excerpt below taken from NJBIZ… “The business world is full of successful leaders deserving of recognition—many of whom NJBIZ honors annually through various special awards programs ranging from Best Fifty Women in Business to Heath Care Heroes to General Counsel of the Year. Then there are those business leaders who are in a class of […]

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CFD Modeling Of Mixing Tees – Design Of A Thermal Sleeve

Published in Hydrocarbon Processing, August 2020 by Dave Dewees, Zumao Chen,  Magnus Gustafsson Mixing tees – in which two fluid streams with different physical and/or chemical properties mix – are widely used in the petrocemcial industry. When there is a large temperature difference between two streams, large metal temperature fluctuations can occur in the […]

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Processing Lower Cost Crudes With Greater Confidence and Improved Reliability

Published in Inspectioneering Journal July|August 2020 by Gerrit Buchheim, Winston Robbins and Frank Sapienza For more than 100 years, it has been understood in the petroleum refining industry that certain crude oils—or, more accurately, crude oil fractions—contain sulfur (S) species and levels of organic acids that may be very corrosive to equipment and piping in […]

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Bringing the Becht brand to Asia-Pacific with addition of Andy Saunders-Tack

Becht is pleased to announce the appointment of Andy Saunders-Tack as Director of Operations for Asia-Pacific. Andy comes from senior leadership roles at Quest Integrity and Shell and has 30 years of experience providing multidisciplinary technical support and problem solving services to the oil and gas, chemicals and power generation sector globally. This experience comes […]

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Heater Experts Solve Common Problems with IR Thermography

Many owner operators in the oil/gas and petrochemical industry know infrared (IR) thermography is a pillar of any robust inspection program. At Becht Fired Heater Services we couple heater experts with advanced IR thermography to not just inspect tubes but to help our clients optimize operation.     One routine challenge is taking IR thermography […]

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New Solutions for Age-Old Problems

Becht continues its series on “Strategy to Maximize Value in the Time of COVID-19” with this 3rd blog focusing on the demand of new solutions in these difficult times and beyond. To view Part 1, CLICK HERE. To view Part 2, CLICK HERE. COVID-19 has impacted employment and profitability across every sector, but the oil […]

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