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Contracting for Plant Outages

~ A Comprehensive Contracting Plan is an Important Building Block to a Successful Plant Outage ~ During planned maintenance outages, many facilities must contract out a significant portion of their work.  Contractor selection is an important step that involves securing the qualified contractor personnel, given the critical role they play in successful outages.  Furthermore, a […]

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Mitigate Risk and Maximize Potential

WE SOLVE YOUR CHALLENGES, PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT AND HELP DELIVER YOUR PROJECT. Projects are complex. Delays are expensive. Our independent ‘cradle to the grave’ governance program identifies risk, provides solutions, and helps prevent expensive delays. Data collected by the Independent Project Analysis group from thousands of major projects around the world shows: An average $100m […]

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Renewable Plant Integration Presented at AFPM Summit

The AFPM Summit’s Profitability Session presented an interesting delve into “Optionality in Refining and Petrochemicals to Meet Renewables and Energy Transition Targets.” The discussion provided an in-depth overview of Scope 3 emissions and reduction options. To read the full Hydrocarbon Processing article 2021 AFPM Summit Virtual Edition: Evaluating renewable plant integration in fossil fuel facilities […]

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Getting Your Maintenance Turnaround Preparations off to a Good Start

In the October 2021 edition of “The Chemical Engineer” magazine, Gordon discusses the value of setting up key foundation documents at the kick-off stage of the preparation and planning phase for a maintenance turnaround. To read the full article CLICK HERE.  This article is the fifth in a planned series of six from Gordon, being published in […]

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Rapid Project Implementation

A project management team was tasked with speeding up the installation of a large number of high-return opportunities by altering their current work process.  This was accomplished by meticulously mapping out the existing project development and execution work processes, identifying where steps could be eliminated or significantly overlapped, and fully understanding and accepting the business […]

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From the Top: Proactively Planning Different Crude Slates to Capture Margin Opportunity

The business need for working with opportunity crudes in refinery unit operations, an essential aspect of crude blending and crude slate planning, has meant that operators face substantial risk of corrosion damage in the crude distillation unit (CDU), vacuum distillation unit (VDU), and side stream piping. Using total acid number (TAN) and sulfur content in […]

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Keeping Your Scaffolding Under Control During a Turnaround

Contributing Authors:  Charles Maier and Gordon Lawrence During any maintenance work or turnarounds, there will be a need to reach inaccessible areas of the process plant, either for inspection or maintenance repair work. This can include pipework that is at height, the interior of large vessels, inaccessible areas on high columns, or a host of […]

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Improving Cost Estimating for Maintenance Turnarounds

In the September 2021 edition of “The Chemical Engineer” magazine, Gordon discusses the current poor state of turnaround cost estimating and highlights five, simple to implement actions that can help improve the accuracy of future turnaround estimates. To read the full article click here.  This article is the fourth in a planned series of six from Gordon, being published […]

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Recommended Practices for Cost Estimating Maintenance Turnarounds

~ Writing a Basis of Estimate ~ The Recommended Practices issued by AACE International are widely recognized and have been adopted in estimating and control departments across the process industries. Until recently, the focus of these practices was mainly on capital projects. However, they are now also beginning to cover Maintenance Turnarounds. A first RP on Maintenance […]

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First Principles of Energy Transition – An Unbiased Look at the Data and Principles: Part 1

This is the first part of a two part article, as published in Decarbonisation Technology, August 2021 Contributing authors: Jean-Gaël Le Floc’h, Mel Larson and Darren York Energy Transition – What does it really mean? In the current lexicon of society, terms, and concepts such as decarbonization, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, carbon neutrality, and energy […]

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