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Project Best Practices – Start-up of an Advanced Work Packaging Program, Part 1

“What’s holding you back?” “How can I improve safety and productivity on my projects?” Great questions.  Advanced Work Packaging, or AWP, has been identified as a best practice for projects by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) and by the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA).  While good project planning has always been an important part […]

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Independent Enterprise Risk Management Assessment Versus a Typical Project Risk Assessment

Project Risk Assessments and Risk Management Assessments have proven repeatedly to be effective “tools” to ensuring the likelihood of a project achieving its performance, cost and time goals. For example, the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK®)(1) outlines a risk management process that has been effectively used by many industries. That […]

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Biofeed Co-Processing for Fuel Production

By: Scott Sayles, Matthew Caserta, Stephen DeLude and Al Keller Comprehensive review of corrosion operating concerns when co-processing renewables and bio-oils through existing hydrotreaters, FCC units, amine units, and other assets. Below is an excerpt from an article recently published in PTQ Q3 2022 Issue ( Renewable feedstocks: Processing Steps The processing of renewable feedstocks […]

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Character and Requirements for Accountability in Machinery Reliability

The people side of component or system failures is rarely addressed, identified or corrected. Evaluation of the people side of equipment failures may be of more value than failure reports or looking at the actual mechanical failure. Let’s talk about personal accountability and the consequences of having too little accountability, and in some cases zero […]

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How to Select the Right Maintenance Metrics to Measure

A common phrase is “What’s measured is managed”.  What’s also true is that measuring the wrong things can drive unintended behaviors.  We want to be deliberate in choosing the metrics that we track for maintenance.  We want to communicate what our objectives are, such as increasing efficiency, schedule attainment or improving repair quality.  It is […]

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Pride Comes Before The Fall…

This is the second (and hopefully last) in a personal series on slips trips and falls. Many of you may remember a few years ago I sent out a Safety Focus on a slip and fall incident that happened to me that resulted in a broken left arm. I spoke about the importance of using […]

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