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Hydroprocessing Relief Issues: Chapter 3 – Vapor and Liquid Blow-Through to Distillation

This is the third of 3 articles discussing relief issues for Hydroprocessing Units. Last month we discussed Separator Blow-through. As discussed, the five main lessons from that article are: Relief valves on low-pressure separators must be designed for vapor blow-through The design vapor blow-through rate must consider all potentially open level-control valves and bypass valves […]

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Integrity Operating Windows Anchor an RBI Program

Risk-based inspection (RBI) methods have been around the refining and petrochemical industry for nearly 3 decades.  The concept of focusing inspection programs on areas of highest risk has proven to be an effective approach for managing fixed equipment integrity and optimizing inspection programs.  For RBI, risk is defined as the product of probability of failure […]

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FCCU Reliability Challenges Now and in the Future

Article appears in the March/April 2023 issue of Inspectioneering Journal Introduction Fluid catalytic cracking units (FCCUs) have been fundamental to refinery operations and economics for many decades, with the very oldest operating units achieving 70 years of service. With no new refineries on the horizon for the United States and operating demands changing, maintaining these […]

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Becht Scours for Partners in Saudi Arabia, Oman to Widen Operations

Chris Van Der Beek was recently interviewed for an article in TRENDS – The International Media on Arab Affairs. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia— Becht, an American engineering services company, has revealed that it is in talks with potential partners in Saudi Arabia in order to widen its presence in the region. According to its director for […]

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1 Million Manhours With ZERO OSHA Recordable Injuries

Authored by Troy Lancaster with David Troha Recently, our dedicated employees reached a major safety milestone. Becht Industrial Group’s employees completed 1 million manhours with ZERO OSHA recordable injuries. Becht Industrial Group is committed to the philosophy that there is no job so important that it cannot be done safely. In our business, the potential […]

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Energy Efficiency in Terminals

Refining and upstream are large industries, but the world of terminals is a bit different. The terminal industry is shaped by multiple regulations and the focus is on turning the assets as quickly as possible, meeting contractual obligations, and avoiding demurrage. Energy efficiency has not traditionally been an area of focus in the midstream terminals […]

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Critical Role of the Owner’s Team in Capital Project Success

The critical role of the owner’s team can’t be understated. The owner may choose to contract out certain activities like commissioning but the accountability for activities cannot be handed off. The following is just a summary of many of the owner-led activities. Critical Owner’s Team Activities Establishing the owner’s team begins with appointing the manufacturing […]

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Hydroprocessing Relief Issues – Chapter 2 – Separator Blow-Through

This is the 2nd of 3 articles discussing relief issues for Hydroprocessing units. Last month, we discussed backflow prevention (CLICK HERE for 1st article). As a reminder, the three main lessons from that article are: Backflow protection must be provided on low-pressure to high-pressure interfaces including feed streams, wash water streams, and lean amine streams […]

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Becht Production Assurance, Operating Modes Assessment

With contributing authors Stephen DeLude and Bruce Scott.   It can be said that any project is judged on three principal outcomes: On budget Completed onschedule and Operates and produces product as expected.   During the early development phases of a new industrial plant, the main focus is to develop a steady state case with consideration […]

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