US $1.4B Methane to Carbon Black & Hydrogen

US $1.4B Methane to Carbon Black & Hydrogen

US Client is executing a $1.4 Billion Petrochemical project (methane to carbon black & hydrogen). Had prior mixed success on a scale-up project so hired Becht to support multiple phases of project execution.

Becht executed a Project Cold Eyes Review evaluating Scope, Cost, Schedule, Project Execution Plan and Alignment with a High / Medium / Lower scorecard.  Identified critical areas of focus to ensure project success based on practitioner review.

Additional support included energy (water & steam) cold eyes review to address very high consumption – permit risk, project execution plan development, technical project oversight (10+ person owner’s team), and long-term seconded core team members.

Local Project Director expressed appreciation for our practitioner-based review findings which highlighted key deficiencies which would impact project success

The experienced Becht team performed a project stage-gate review which subsequently led to building out the owner’s project team to ensure project success

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