The Oil Industry – Winners, Losers, and Everything In Between – “Muscle Memory”

Becht’s “Winners, Losers, and Everything In Between” series presents strategies to maximize your workforce in the time of COVID-19. Part 2 of this series focuses on the development of “Muscle Memory” (Click Here for Part 1). In this section, we will discuss the conditioning of the workforce team. Why Muscle Memory? Athletes practice repetitive skills, […]

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Five Reasons Why Your Training Program Will Fail

Good training is something that we know is necessary. In light of Industry’s aging demographics and retiring experience, we need good training to carry us successfully into the future. As technology evolves more quickly and changes almost daily, we need good training to help us to wring the last dollar out of our constant upgrades […]

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What Is The Difference Between Training And Education?

Training is a burgeoning field and an important tool for any workforce. This is not only true in the oil and gas industry, but in every industry. Companies want their workforces to be safer, more efficient, and more prepared than ever before, and they realize the need for effective training in order to achieve these […]

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Mentoring Young Process Engineers

Today’s young process engineers have tools available to them that we “old timers” only dreamed about.  Although smaller and some medium sized companies will not have the items listed below, most large refining and or petrochemical operations have the following: Real-time and historical plant operating data available on his/her desk top computers; Real-time and historical […]

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