Mitigating Turnaround Discovery Risk

Recently, a Becht Inspection Planner was preparing the Inspection Turnaround Plan for a client’s HF Alkylation Unit. When reviewing the unit’s equipment histories the Planner found documentation stating the Iso-Sidecut Receiver (14’X30’ @ 30ft elevation) had scattered hydrogen blisters on one elliptical head from the past two inspection reports. The inspection recommendations were to monitor […]

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Inspection Planner Position Helps Lead to Turnaround Success

Providing “Best in Class” risk based fixed equipment turnaround inspection planning entails a four phase workflow process to scope, plan, execute and evergreen inspection plans to cost effectively mitigate a client’s regulatory and business risk. Becht Engineering has successfully completed piloting  the, “Inspection Planners Position” to bridge gaps inherent in developing and executing inspection plans […]

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