Inspection Planner Position Helps Lead to Turnaround Success

Inspection Planner Position Helps Lead to Turnaround Success

Providing “Best in Class” risk based fixed equipment turnaround inspection planning entails a four phase workflow process to scope, plan, execute and evergreen inspection plans to cost effectively mitigate a client’s regulatory and business risk. Becht Engineering has successfully completed piloting  the, “Inspection Planners Position” to bridge gaps inherent in developing and executing inspection plans between a facilities Inspection and Turnaround Planning Department’s. Since 2011 this pilot has continuously improved to consistently provide the following results:

  • Mitigated clients regulatory and business risk
  • Consistently positioned client to execute scheduled outages within schedule and on budget
  • 20 to 40% in reduced inspection turnaround costs and savings achieved  
  • Meets industry best practice and RAGAGEP expectations

The Inspection Planner plays a pivotal role on the planning team by executing the skill sets necessary to bridge intricate technical and systemic gaps encountered between Departments during execution of a turnaround program. The Planner assures the “hand-offs” of each phase of the workflow process are incorporated and optimized into program.

This position requires the Inspection Planner to execute the following score-carded deliverables to clients;

  • Validate Risk Based Inspection Plan complies with regulatory compliance
  • Mitigate inspection discovery ( “no suprises”)
  • Facilitate Risk Based Work Selection Process
  • Optimize planning and prioritize planned work
  • Develop detailed work execution packages with planners and schedulers
  • Mitigate critical path impacts during execution
  • Evergreen inspection plan for next turnaround

The above steps outline the process.

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John Conway has 38 years of experience involving refinery inspection programs and the development of inspection turnaround planning for major oil refiners.

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Inspection Planner Position Helps Lead to Turnaround Success
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