Advanced Gas Turbine Qualification

Advanced Gas Turbine Qualification

Becht Case Study

combustion turbineSituation: Becht was selected by a European Independent Power Producer (IPP) to assess the technical and commercial risks associated with deploying advanced technology “H” and “J” Class High Efficiency and High Temperature Combustion Turbines offered by GE, Siemens, MHI and Anslado. The project is being configured for future Hydrogen combustion capability.

Action: Becht provided a Risk Ranking and Risk Based short list of  qualified gas turbines for deployment in their new 800 MW combined cycle power plant.

Current Situation: 

Becht’s current expanded scope includes:

  • Gas Turbine Technology Risk Gap Closure Recommendations
  • Development of a Gas Turbine Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA) Term Sheet
  • Development of ASME PTC-46 Based Power Train Performance Test Procedures and Protocol
  • Gas Turbine Power Block OEM Bid Tabulation, Conditioning, and Recommendations
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