Gas Turbine H2 Fuel Firing Retrofit Study

Gas Turbine H2 Fuel Firing Retrofit Study

Becht Case Study

Combustion TurbineSituation: Becht was selected by a refining client to evaluate and qualify combustion hardware capability of firing a blend of up to 40% hydrogen refinery off gas in a gas turbine located at the adjacent Cogeneration Plant.

Action: Becht Subject Matter Experts collaborated with client, hardware supplier and cogeneration plant personnel to examine turbine retrofit feasibility, impacts and operability.

Results: This retrofit will allow client to eliminate flaring during turnarounds and perform additional process optimizations and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Cogen plant will realize improved gas turbine performance (output and heat rate), carbon footprint reduction (combusting high H2 fuel gas blend) and extended operating time between combustor and hot gas path maintenance outages.

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