Case Study – Maintenance Planning: Alaska North Slope

Case Study – Maintenance Planning: Alaska North Slope

Alaska North Slope Maint Planning


Situation: Becht was awarded a self-managed, multi-year contract for Maintenance Planning on the Alaska North Slope.

Action Taken: Becht provided instructor-led training in addition to direct oversight and management. Becht has a team of 60 personnel onsite.

Results: Becht highly improved the teams core capabilities and work products.

Becht’s efforts resulted in a work order backlog reduction of 57%. Overdue work orders plummeted from 21% to 0.2%. There were zero regulatory overdue work orders.

Another important focus of our planners has been the solid delivery of accurate estimates in work packs.
Working with team leads, foremen, and other planners, both Preventive Maintenance (PM) and
corrective work orders are scrutinized on job walk downs and are more accurate than ever.

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