Fluid Coker Solids Transfer Line

Fluid Coker Solids Transfer Line

Becht Case Study

Fluid coker solidsSituation: Client engaged a Becht Fluid Coker SME to conduct an assessment of their North American refinery fluid coker product coke lines that had realized several hole throughs. Despite  several modifications, the line remained “problematic”.

Action: The Becht SME reviewed the design of the transfer line as well as the historic operating information and noted a high degree of variability in the operating conditions which likely was key to the line failures.

In addition to recommendations to upgrades in the design of the transfer pipe, Becht recommended to modify operations to reduce variability in flow conditions, inspection and maintenance practices as well as alternatives to idling the product coke transfer during repairs to the line.

Result: The Becht analysis went beyond a simple review of the design of the transfer line. A deeper analysis into the root cause of the failure revealed existing practices the refinery utilized during the line failures ultimately resulted in a CO Exceedance and shutdown of the unit.  The Becht Fluid Coker SME was later asked to assist with unit start up.

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